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Where Is Cho Oyu Mountain Located?

Cho Oyu Mountain is the sixth tallest mountain in the world. It is located on the China-Nepal border in the Mahalangur Himalayan range. The name stands after Turquoise Goddess in Tibetan. The mountain is famous not only in Nepal but also in Tibet. The mountain, hence, holds significance in both Nepal and Tibet.

In Nepal, the mountain is situated in the Province1. There are a lot of interesting facts about Cho Oyu Mountain’s location mostly due to its mixed heritage. Make sure to read till the end of this article to know more!

Cho Oyu Mountain Location

How long does it take to climb Cho Oyu

Many mountaineers are curious as to where Cho Oyu Mountain is located. The location is a border, which might confuse many given the fact that it is in both Nepal as well as China. In Nepal, Cho Oyu Mountain is located in the Mahalangur Himal, in Province 1, which is in the western part of the Khumbu sub-section. Similarly, in China, Cho Oyu is located in the Tibetan part of the country.

The mountain is approximately 20 km northwest of Mount Everest. The Nangpa La, a 19,050-foot high glacier saddles (pass) south of the mountain, forms part of the trading route connecting Tibet and the Khumbu valley. The location was not as simple in the past as is now. Until 1952, it was almost impossible to even climb the mountain due to glaciers and the bad climbing condition. But once the mountain was climbed in 1954 and summited successfully, it is considered the easiest eight thousander to climb.

Likewise, Cho Oyu also happens to be the fifth out of the 14 eight thousanders that was climbed successfully after Annapurna, Nanga Parbat, Mount Everest, and K2.

Which continent is Cho Oyu Mountain in?

How tall is Cho Oyu?

Cho Oyu Mountain is located in Asia. The mountain standing tall at a height of 8,188 meters, is a part of the great Himalayas. It is within the central that connects with the Indian subcontinent. Since the mountain is located on the Nepal-China border, a mountain climber going to the peak will get the authentic experience of not just a beautiful mountain but also the beautiful Tibetan culture somewhat mixed with the Nepalese culture.

The traditions are all Asian and mostly Tibetan around the Cho Oyu mountain. And rural living is all the more interesting factor to experience when around this peak.

Can you climb Cho Oyu from Nepal?

Who has climbed Cho Oyu mountain?

Yes, you can climb Cho Oyu from Nepal. But, this route is rarely taken as mountaineers tend to choose the western face to begin their ascent, which is located in Tibet. The western face is the most popular face to climb Cho Oyu.

Most efforts are made on the West Face. The ice slide between Camps 1 and 2 at approximately 6700 meters is widely regarded as the most difficult part of the climb. Because of the frequency of groups on this route, this portion is usually well-roped. The second stumbling block is a rock band above Camp 3 at roughly 7600 meters.

This section is not the easiest to cross. The fact that mountaineers tend to attempt crossing this section during the darker hours of the day makes the whole process all the more challenging. The section has become a hurdle and has been the reason behind the stoppage of the journey of many mountaineers. A moderate hike downward the glacier ridge takes one to Camp 1, followed by an easier but steep hike up a very unstable scree slope.

Above and beyond Camp 1, you will see and walk through just snow and ice.

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