Christmas Week Bucket List Ideas For Travelling Couple

Christmas is a wonderful time to spend with the people you love. In fact, this is exactly what the festival stands for. If you have a partner with whom you have not been getting a lot of time, you should definitely know that Christmas is your gateway to a week getaway with them. There are just so many merry and fun things you can do on Christmas. And one of the major ones includes traveling. When you are traveling with your partner on Christmas, you will for sure feel the festive season become all the better. So get your traveling pants on and relish the festivities with cozy air, lights, log fires, and delicious treats!

We have come up with a travel bucket list of ideas for a traveling couple during Christmas. Make sure to stick with us till the end of this article to know more!

Paris, France

Paris, France travel ideas for adventurous couple

Nothing sounds as wonderful as getting to have the most amazing dinner in the most romantic place in the world. There are several restaurants and diners that are going to welcome couples who are looking to make their Christmas lively. The lights in the Eiffel Tower and the joy of the extra lights and coziness in the restaurants will make just anyone happy. It is always a romantic experience to go with a loving partner to a place where couples from all around the world come to live the best moments of their lives.

Spending evenings in Parisian restaurants will boost your romance, and going for a walk through the streets can be more romantic than you think. Besides this, rejoicing Christmas by simply sitting on the balcony of your hotel with a glass of wine with your partner is no less than a fun and romantic weekend idea. Likewise, there are just so many things that you can do within a few days in Paris during Christmas. You can also go on shopping sprees with your partner and get a warm cup of coffee along the way. Collect as many souvenirs and memories as you can when you travel to Paris during Christmas. The city surely is more merrier during the festive season than any other day!

Bethlehem, West Bank

Bethlehem, West Bank

Christmas is celebrated in Bethlehem with the aim of reviving the true meaning of the festival. While many places in the world have been celebrating the festival for the longest time, many people may have forgotten the essence of the festival. Bethlehem is a city that holds great significance in the history of Christianity. Hence, going to this city on the West Bank is possibly one of the best things a traveling couple can do. You can visit the city where Jesus was born. The celebrations are rather traditional around this part of the world. And, it is always better to experience things the authentic way sometimes.

St. Catheroine’s Church’s midnight mass in Bethlehem is a great way to experience the holiness and importance of Christmas and know what it really stands for. There are many other activities that a couple can do during the festival here, like going on walks to Manger Square and in the Old City. The vibe in Bethlehem is quite different and unique as compared to the vibe of many other places in the world. On top of this, there is almost no other city in the world that can top the vibe of this one if you really have to make the comparison during the Christmas season.

New York City, USA

New York City, USA bucket list for travelling couple

New York City is one of the brightest and busiest places in the whole world. The city never really sleeps. If you really want to live your American fantasy of walking through the streets of New York past midnight after partying with the love of your life, then you must keep the city on your traveling bucket list and make sure the plan comes to life soon. One of the main reasons why a lot of hopeless romantics all around the world dream of coming to New York during Christmas is because they want to live the rom-com life. Numerous movies have been filmed in the city, most associated with romantic comedies. When you are here, there is no way you won’t be spending the best time with your partner as the main character in your very own romantic story.

When in New York, you have to go visit the tallest Christmas tree in the world at the Rockefeller Center. Another thing to do here is to ice skate. Similarly, there are the best pizza joints here which you have to try! Christmas evenings are never dull in New York City, after all!

The Vatican, Italy

best christmas vacation for couples The Vatican, Italy

The Vatican City in Italy is one of the best destinations for Christmas in the whole world. The city is very popular for the festivities and there are plenty of people who follow Christianity here. Hence, you can get one of the most authentic feelings of an Italian Christmas when you are here. The Vatican City is truly fascinating with its beautiful lights, roasted cliches, and a city filled with so much enthusiasm. The crowd is likely to not make you anxious but merry instead because of the happiness and warmth among people here during the festival.

The month of December welcomes lots of pilgrims from all around the world to the city. Another great aspect of the Vatican City is that Midnight Mass in St Peter’s Basilica sees a lot of people from and outside the Italian boundary. This makes your experience even better. If you ever visit the Vatican with your partner, you will cherish every moment you spend here.

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Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam in the Netherlands is another city that is going to make you fall in love with Christmas all the more. During this festival, the lights, merry decorations, and Christmas trees fill the homes and streets of the city. You will not find a single spot that does not scream Christmas, and there is possibly nothing better than getting to experience something as fun and beautiful as this. The Dutch capital has been spreading stories of Santa Claus, who is referred to as Sinterklaas here, since the 16th and 17th centuries to children in all households. There is a good number of people following this religion, which makes the city filled with the highest amount of joy and festivities.

Fireworks in Dam Square or the Nieuwmarkt will definitely light up your romantic evening with your partner even more. And you can enjoy the evenings and nights here with a glass of wine or champagne. The chances of romanticizing your Christmas week in Amsterdam are endless.

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague, Czech Republic christmas week vacation ideas for couple

Prague has always been one of the best choices to plan a vacation. But, have you ever wondered what it’s like to be in Prague during Christmas? Well, the festival is full of joyous lights and merry people all around the city. Prague in the Czech Republic is surely one of the best places you can experience a picturesque Christmas. The city looks the best and the brightest during this festival.

Nerudova Street in Mala Strana and the Baroque and Gothic architecture give off the most authentic vibe when you’re here. Prague is best known for ballet and opera performances. To get a lifetime experience with your romantic partner, you can book a seat for yourself at the State Opera or National Theater. You can’t go back home without carrying enough souvenirs for yourself and your relatives or your children. There are plenty of gift shops and shopping complexes in Wenceslas Square and Old Town Square. These places offer the best tourist prices as well as the most unique gift collections to take home.

Munich, Germany

christmas week in munich for couple

There are so many places in Munich that will help you find your own Christmas spirit coming alive. The city in Germany has the liveliest crowd of people who are all excited to be celebrating Christmas with their family and loved ones. You really cannot find a spot in the streets that does not have Christmas decorations. Furthermore, you are likely to find the tallest Christmas tree you’ve ever seen in Munich.

Going to shop, taking a coffee or even wine break, dining around, and simply people-watching or going on walks through the lively streets of Munich can be a great way to enjoy a romantic Christmas week with your partner. The gingerbreads here are the best! You can listen to German music from the balcony here. Moreover, the cost associated with going to Munich is not as high as you might think.

Vienna, Austria

christmas travel ideas for couple in Vienna, Austria

Christmas in Vienna is possibly one of the best things you can experience when you’re around here. The beautiful buildings with gothic architecture, the lit-up streets, and the sight of people purchasing carefully intricate designs of candles and decorations are the highlights of the Austrian city. Additionally, you get to smell the mulled wine in the air which will have you wanting to take a sip. If you want to go out for a shopping spree with your partner, you can walk through the busy outdoor Christmas markets. Artisan ornaments and wares are some of the biggest highlights of Vienna; hence, if you are an aesthete, you will not be able to hold yourself back from filling your shopping bags with these goodies.

Food in Vienna is no exception. The best food in Austria can be devoured in Vienna. Couples can come to the streets or visit any restaurant to get the unique Austrian taste of food, most of which are finger foods.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark christmas week vacation ideas for couple

Copenhagen has to be one of the best cities to visit if you are looking for a vibrant Christmas without having to spend a lot of money. In Denmark, you will find the most beautiful places and cities filled with lights and beauty. The people in Copenhagen are very inviting and will welcome you with very good hospitality. Finding good transportation will not be a problem, and the crowded Christmas-stricken streets will make traveling ever more lively. You can see different types of Christmas trees in different parts of Copenhagen. Additionally, there are enough fun parks and exhibitions that will blow your mind away in the best way possible.

Overall, the vibe of Copenhagen during the festival is very cozy and warm. This makes the city one of the most preferable to go with your partner.

London, England

London, England travelling ideas for couple in christmas

London will truly serve as a once-in-a-lifetime experience for anyone who has always been fascinated by the traditionally rich city. The streets of Oxford will fill you with joy. People are always seen walking around in their Christmas attires with either a hot drink or Christmas decor in their hands. Gifts are everywhere, and people are seen happily rushing homes or just living the moments in the streets of London. Christmas trees are lit with lights, and Christmas concerts in different parts of the city are just as common. The city is so filled with lights that your eyes will be sparkling throughout your time in London during Christmas. Likewise, the best time to go out on the streets of London on Christmas week is the night. While the daytime is just as fun and fascinating, the nighttime, with the lights and the rather busy and happening street, is just a sight to witness. Drinking with your partner in an English pub on a Christmas evening is nothing short of a dream coming true.

Frequently asked questions

Where can couples go for Christmas?

There are many places like Paris, Bethlehem, NYC, Amsterdam, Vatican City, Munich, etc. where couples can go for Christmas.

How should couples do Christmas?

They can go on vacations and shopping sprees on Christmas.

What do married couples do for Christmas?

Going on dates or a vacation is what married couples normally do at Christmas.

How do I start a travel bucket list?

You can start a travel bucket list by writing it down in a notebook to tick off later.

How do adults make Christmas fun?

Adults can make Christmas fun by planning a holiday and spending time with loved ones.

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