Four Mountaineers Missing On Pobeda Peak

Mountaineering is not for everyone, especially going to mountains that have high chances or fatality and, even worse, getting lost along the way. Four mountaineers have been missing since days in Pobeda Peak. Russian mountaineers and couple Dimitry Pavlenko and Svetlana, along with two of their clients, are yet to be found after they took a trekking trip to Pobeda Peak. There are lots of mysteries yet to be uncovered about this trip.

Stay tuned till the end of this article to know more about where these mountaineers went and the possibilities of what may have happened!

Where did the four mountaineers on Pobeda Peak go?

The green circle marks the location of the tracker after its sudden drop to 5,710m on Peak Pobeda. Photo:
The green circle marks the location of the tracker after its sudden drop to 5,710m on Peak Pobeda. Photo:

The mountaineers consisting of Russian mount climbers Dimitry Pavlenko and Svetlana and their clients were last seen summiting Pobeda Peak via the Abalakov route on July 19. It has been several days and more than a week since they have been lost in the mountains. Unfortunately, there is no sign of where they went from there and what may have happened to them by now. The Pobeda peak is quite high at a height of 7,439m. The chances of fatality have been one of the most heartwrenching possibilities that has been scaring people who know about these mountaineers.

The team had started their ascent quite late that day due to a lack of acclimatization. The mountaineers started at 6,100m. This gave them no chance or time to get proper acclimatization. They went on without any acclimatization from the height and were successful in reaching the top of the Pobeda Peak. They reportedly descended soon after.

Have the four mountaineers from Pobeda Peak been saved?

Have the four mountaineers from Pobeda Peak been saved

The mountaineers from Pobeda Peak are yet to be saved; in fact, it has already been more than a week, and none of them have even been spotted. There is no likelihood of either death or life of either of these mountaineers as after they were reportedly descending from Pobeda peak, nothing has come to the ears of anyone besides the ones in their team.

A helicopter was sent to search for them but to no avail. These summiteers seem to have been lost to this day. The team was last contacted at 7,400m at 11 pm during their descent. Their tracker showed them last at a height of 6,200m. Suddenly, and surprisingly, the team was suddenly tracked at 5,710m.

After that, there has been no sign as to where these climbers went.

What may have happened to the climbers on Pobeda Peak?

What may have happened to the climbers on Pobeda Peak?

The climbers at Pobeda Peak have disappeared from when they were last tracked at 5,710m. Though not confirmed, there have been possible threats of avalanches that may have swept everyone from the team to death. But this is yet to be proven, and the evidences are not solid enough to know about the truth.

It was also reported that Dimitry disappeared on the same peak before their ascent but had returned to the base camp a little while after. However, this time, it is not just him who is out of reach. The whole team consisting of a total of four people, has not been spotted anywhere in the mountain. The Russian mountaineer leading the rest of his team has not been tracked after suddenly falling to 5710m.

Unfortunately, given the weather conditions, and the unknown prospects of the mountain, it cannot be confirmed that all of these mountaineers are still alive. Besides, had it been an avalanche that washed and perished these mountaineers away, there really would be no chance of ever getting found if they were not found in a matter of a few months. This will, yet again, become one of those mysterious mountaineering cases where people are lost and never found again, even after decades or even centuries of getting lost.

Where is the tracker of the mountaineers who are lost in Pobeda Peak?

Pobeda Peak Zvezdochka Glacier

While the mountaineers, who are four in number, are lost, their tracker is still in the Pobeda Peak at 5710m. The snow-clad mountains and thick glaciers are enough to lose mountaineers who are far less mighty than the mountains. The tracker is spotted but has not yet been retrieved from the mountain.

There is no possibility that the climbers left the tracker there on purpose. Had that been the case, all of them still would have returned to the base camp. The chances of survival of these climbers are very thin because the tracker fell almost 1000m down in a very short time. If it were only the tracker that fell, the survivors would have made it out of the mountain by now. But that is not the case. They have been lost and were last contacted on July 19.

While it is not quite right to start mourning for the unknown, hopes are just as low regarding the survival of the mount climbing couple and their clients. The leader, Dimitry, was lost once before ascending but returned to the base camp soon after. But so cannot be hoped this time because several days have passed, and there is no sign of life. Even death cannot be confirmed, but people outside the mountain who got to know about the case, given the nature of the mountain, are pessimistic.

After all, the chances of fatality in July are not as thin as one would want. Moreover, the mountain is above the height of 7000 meters, which serves as steep and extremely snowy. The rocky faces of the mountains are least likely to favor or sympathize it’s climbers. Hence, hopes remain while also giving a hint of hopelessness at the same time for the four mountaineers.

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Unfortunately, neither of the climbers from the team of four has social media through which we can get any information about them. The mountaineers have left nothing but assumptions for everyone they left behind beyond the mountain. People have been speculating only the worse as of now. But, chances are, they are either buried because of the avalanche or have lost their way to the base camp because of excessive snow and bad weather in the mountain. Either can be the case, and answers are still sought.

Almost a week, and still no sign of the mountaineers, can, after all, mean just anything!

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