French Daredevil dies after falling from 68th floor

Remi Lucidi was a French skyscraper who had been engaged in his acts once for a while. But, his journey of climbing skyscrapers ended when he was in Hong’s Tregunter Tower. This tower is situated in one of the upscale areas in Hongkong. Lucidi was last seen on the window of a penthouse on the 68th floor of the Tregunter Tower around 7:30 pm on Thursday. A domestic worker spotted the man knocking on the window and reported him to the police soon after.

However, Remi knocking on the window can be assumed to be a call for help rather than an attempt at invasion. As per a source, he was reported to have been stuck on the 68th floor and could not get help. Soon after, the daredevil fell from the massive height straight to his deathbed. When the authorities reached him, they found a camera with a bunch of his dangerous stunts and skyscraping. They also discovered, in this process, who he was and what he was doing in the tower. The 30-year-old stuntman allegedly lost his footing while trying to save himself and tripped from the top floor of the tall tower.

As for how he got into the tower, according to the Hong Kong officials, he had informed the gatekeeper that he was there to visit a friend who lived on the 40th floor around 6 pm the same day. The media houses even reported that before the person on the 40th floor could call him out on his lie and the guards could stop him, he was already in the elevator.

In a CCTV footage, the stuntman was seen exiting the elevator and going through the stairs from the 47th floor. After a latch was opened, people in the penthouse could not find Remi anywhere despite searching for him around there. He hid so well until the maid finally saw him knocking on the window of a private penthouse which was also the last time he was seen alive.

The authorities have, however, not yet revealed the actual and legit reason for his death.

In the past as well, Lucidi has been in many tall skyscrapers worldwide. His stunts were never for those with a faint heart. In his recent Instagram post, you can see him on top of Hong Kong’s Time Square. Likewise, the man has been to almost every other bone-chilling height in Dubai, Hong Kong, France, and Columbia. One can easily find pictures and drone videos of Lucidi in some of the tallest towers and buildings in the places above.

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