French Skier Falls Into Crevasse: Skier’s GoPro Captures Heart-pounding Moment as He Falls

French skier falls into crevasses and captures the terrifying moment of the adventure in the Alps via his helmet camera.

The 36-year-old anonymous French skier from the skiing group Les Powtos, heading towards a deceptive circle on the slopes, suddenly plunges into the dark crevasse.

The incident occurred at Mt. Meije (3,984 meters) in the Alps; known for its extreme skiing slopes, Mejje overlooks the La Grave village in France. Powtos skier is lucky to be unharmed and be able to collect himself after suddenly being dragged to the deadly crevasses in the mountain.

The French skier fell approximately 15 meters (approx 49 feet) down the dark crevasse before securing himself on the edge of the crevasse using his ski boards.

French Skier Falls Into Crevasse Video

The 36-year-old French skier was rescued from Crevasse using ropes and a harness. The French skiing group Les Powtos posted the GoPro video of the anonymous skier falling down the massive crevasse.

The video footage which lasts 22 seconds, starts off with panoramic views of the mesmerizing mountain region and turns into a truly terrifying moment as the French skier falls downs the hole into a dark crevasse struggling to hold onto the edge.

Recorded in the GoPro mounted in his helmet, the French skier is heard shouting ‘Oh Le Con’, which can be translated into ‘ I am an idiot; as he slides down the vertically steep crevasse.

Powtos team involved in the incident stated that they shared the heart-stopping video on social media in order to warn the skiers. No matter how experienced and skilled a skier is or how well they know the slopes, in the state of euphoria during the adventure, there is always a risk of getting caught in such incidents, was the message the French skiing team was trying to deliver.

The French skier falls into Crevasse video shows the panic state of the anonymous skier falling down the seemingly endless opening hidden beneath the snow as he desperately tried to hold onto something. Video of the French skier falling, posted on 18th April 2023, became viral all over social media, and several mainstream news publications covered the lucky survival story.

French skier who chose to remain anonymous, thankfully with his years of experience in mountaineering and ski-mountaineering, was able to stay composed after falling in the hole of the famously difficult slopes of Mt. Meije, the 13,071 feet tall mountain.

The GoPro video, as the French skier falls into a crevasse, shows how lucky he was to survive that. Plunged into darkness after a hole suddenly formed underneath the snow, barely holds to the edge of the crevasse escaping with his life.

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Rescue That Lasted Hours

Rescue That Lasted Hours

After falling rapidly into the hidden hole beneath the snow, nearly a vertical slope, what almost seemed like a dark-infinite abyss, the 36-year-old French skier managed to decelerate his descent skillfully using his ski boards. The rescue mission wasn’t imminent.

The anonymous French skier, barely holding at the edge, wedging his ski board on the small crevice of what seemed like an infinite crevasse hidden beneath the 13,000 feet mountain held dearly for his life as the hours-long rescue was happening.

Falling down the dark hidden hole approximately 15 meters below the slopes of Mt. Meije, the Les Powtos skiing team, who were luckily all well-equipped, started the rescue mission immediately for the trapped French 36-year-old skier.

The French skiing group used crampons, shovels, and pick axes to rescue the skier from the hidden crevasse. It was a long, painstaking rescue operation that latest hours but, thankfully, saw the trapped French skier getting pulled out to safety.

Still, after the video that took over the internet as a ‘French skier falls into crevasse’, it has left many mountaineering enthusiasts hesitant to trust the slopes of the mountains and the structural integrity of the snow.

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