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Gokyo Lake Trek Difficulty

Gokyo Lake Trek is a quite popular trekking destination in the Everest region. This Region offers many trekking routes that attract many trekkers to visit and trek in this area every year.

While trekking in the trails of Gokyo lake one of the most lingering questions for trekkers is how difficult is Gokyo Lake Trek?

You will be traveling up to an altitude of 5000 m above sea level through rough terrain for about more than a week. So, many trekkers are curious about the Gokyo Lake Trek difficulty regarding whether novice trekkers can complete this trek or not. Or are the routes harsh and challenging?

Well, worry not this article about Gokyo Lake Trek Difficulty is made with the purpose to help answer your question related to the Gokyo Ri trek difficulty.

Before knowing about the Gokyo Lake trek difficulty here is a brief explanation about Gokyo Lake trek.

About Gokyo Lake Trek

Gokyo lake trek is an incredible journey to the Gokyo Valley located inside the Sagarmatha National Park. The Gokyo Lake is situated in the north-eastern part of Nepal in the Sagarmatha Zone of the Solukhumbu district.

Gokyo valley is famous for hosting one of the highest freshwater lakes in the world. The Gokyo lakes consist of six lakes among them Thonak lake is the largest. These lakes reside at an altitude of 4700 to 5000 m above sea level.

Among these lakes, Gokyo Cho is the main lake that is also known as Dudh Pokhari covering an area of 106 acres. These lakes are classified as oligotrophic lakes known as good quality water that is clear with high drinking water quality.

Even though this is a famous trekking destination the trails have less traffic compared to other trekking destinations of this region. This trek takes you on an exciting trek through the local villages inhabited mostly by Sherpas.

Experiencing the Tibetan influenced culture will be a plus point of this trek. Along with the view of magnificent mountain peaks, icy rivers, glaciers, turquoise water of Gokyo Lakes, etc.

On this trek, you will also be hiking up to Gokyo Ri that gives a spectacular view of Mount Everest along with other various mountains such as Ganesh Himal and many more. Major Gokyo Ri trek difficulty would be the steep up and downhill walk.

You will also be visiting some famous resting destinations such as Namche Bazar, the gateway of the Khumbu region. You will be walking through forest paths of Rhododendron, Pines, Oaks, and many more.

This trek is moderate but still, some difficulties can be faced along the trails. You can know more about it from the Gokyo Lake Trek Difficulty written below.

Gokyo Lake Trek Routes

gokyo lake trek

Lukla- Phakding- Namche Bazaar- Dole- Machhermo- Gokyo- Fifth Lake- Dole- Namche Bazaar- Lukla- Kathmandu

You begin your Gokyo Lake Trek journey by flying towards Lukla from the Tribhuvan International Airport which is about a 45 min thrilling flight. Lukla is a small town famous for having an airport with a small and narrow runway.

Reaching the airport you begin your trek by heading towards Phaking where you will stay for the night. Then the next day you head towards Namche Bazaar, a beautiful town that is the main trading center and hub of the Khumbu region.

You will have a rest day there to help your body adjust to the climate at higher altitudes. On your acclimatization there, you can explore the area and visit the museum filled with rich culture and tradition of this region.

Or trek till Syangboche that gives the most amazing view of Mount Everest. It is a great choice to visit it during the early morning to view the sunrise that looks remarkable from here.

After a day’s rest you again begin your trek by heading towards Dole by making a steep climb in the stairways and reaching flat land you walk ahead and enter a beautiful forest.

From there you make a slight climb and walk for about a few hours to reach your destination. You will be heading towards Machhermo from Dole which is a 6 hours walk.

Following day you head towards Gokyo from where you hike till Fifth Lake and explore the area head back to Gokyo. Staying a night there, you wake up early the next morning and hike till Gokyo Ri.

This place gives the spectacular view of Mount Everest along with other snowy peaks. After snapping pictures, you now trek down to Dole retracing your steps.

From Dole, you head towards Namche Bazaar and roam the town that offers many restaurants, cafes, etc with wifi and many more. You can also buy souvenirs for memories of this trip.

The next day you head back to Lukla and fly back to Kathmandu viewing the scenic views throughout the flight. Arriving at the terminal we bid farewell hoping the trek in the Everest region was an amazing experience for you.

Highlights of Gokyo Lake Trek

  • Visit the turquoise water Lakes
  • Hike till Gokyo Ri
  • Beautiful view of Mount Everest
  • Thrilling flight to Lukla airport
  • Visit Sagarmatha National Park
  • Forest paths filled with unique vegetation of flora and faunas
  • Astounding view of other snowy peaks
  • Explore Namche Bazaar
  • Visit museum filled with ancient artifacts

How Difficult is Gokyo Lake Trek?

gokyo lake trek

Trekking in the high altitude is never an easy task; you will have to check about many things before going on a trek. You might face some difficulties in these trails but they can be overcome. So don’t worry too much.

Some of the Gokyo Lake Trek Difficulty are as follows:


When trekking in high elevation the duration plays a major role in how difficult will your trek be? If you are going to high altitudes you have to select itineraries that have more trekking days. As you will have to walk only a few hours per day which makes your journey easier.

Also, acclimatization will be held to help adjust your body with the current climatic condition. If you have limited time you will choose packages with fewer days which can be a harsh decision if you are a beginner.

As you might not have enough time for acclimatization. Also, your walking duration for the day increases which can put your body in pressure if you don’t have high stamina.

So, it is better to choose an itinerary with longer days rather than short days to ease your Gokyo Lake Trek Difficulty.

Weather and Temperature

You already know, weather and temperature are unpredictable in the higher regions which can cause difficulty in your trek. As, you won’t get any warning when it changes so you have to be well prepared.

Weather and temperature can be more difficult when traveling in the season of Winter and Monsoon. As these are the seasons for heavy rainfall and snow.

Winter Season

If you are planning to trek during the seasons of Winter then be prepared to face the cold weather. The higher you climb in altitude the colder it gets. Also, the paths can be covered with snow which can make your trek quite challenging.

The temperature tends to range from -5 to -15 degrees during this season. The month of December, January and February fall under this season. It will be freezing cold higher-ups, so carry extra warm cloth for these months.

During this season, the routes can be blocked by snowfall so it is better to travel with guides or companions.

However, the clear and unobstructed view of the peaks will make up for the cold. Also, the less crowded routes will be a plus point for you. So while trekking during this time be wary about the cold you will be facing in the high region.

Monsoon Season

Monsoon is the least preferred time for trekking as this is the season of heavy rainfall. Due to continuous rain showers, there are high chances of the landslide in lower regions being an obstruction for you.

However, there is less to no rainfall at high altitude. But dark rain clouds can hide the beauty of the mountains which can be a disappointment for nature lovers.

Also, you will be flying to Lukla so if the weather condition worsens your flight might be delayed or Cancelled.

But due to continuous rain, you will be mesmerized to see new species of flora blooming in the forest paths. If you plan to trek during this time be sure to check your weather forecast.


Gokyo Trek is a tea house trek as you will be staying in lodges and tea houses on this trip. However, Accommodation can be a problem if you are trekking during the season of Spring and Autumn.

Spring and Autumn Season

Spring and Autumn season is considered one of the best times to visit Gokyo Lake trek. These are the peak season of the year when the routes are crowded with trekkers from all around the world.

Spring season begins from the month of March and ends in May. While Autumn begins from the month of September and ends in November. The weather and temperature is favorable during these months.

However, you will have difficulty in finding proper accommodation. As rooms will be packed and you will have to share rooms with fellow companions.

Also, they have public toilets at high altitude so waiting in line for your turn will be quite annoying. You will have to wait for food as well and the noise created by travelers can be a turnoff if you love a peaceful environment.

So, if you can adjust with your surroundings you will be astounded by the beauty of nature during this time.

gokyo lake trek

Altitude Sickness

For centuries, altitude sickness has always been a major concern for trekkers when trekking in the trails of Gokyo Lake. Altitude sickness usually occurs while climbing in elevation above 4000 m.

On this trek, you will be reaching an altitude of 5000 m which is the highest point of your journey. When you climb higher in the trails the air gets thinner lowering the oxygen level causing it hard to breathe. Due to which people get altitude sickness.

If you suffer from symptoms such as headache, nausea, vomiting, difficulty sleeping, shortness of breath, and others. You should immediately inform your guide or someone close to you. If it worsens it can be risky for your life, so follow the instruction properly given to you by your guide.

Physical Stamina

Physical Stamina is a must in this trek, without a fit body and mind you can not complete this trek. This is a moderate level walk which is suitable for both novice and experienced trekkers.

But can be difficult for beginner trekkers as you will be making up and downhill climb that requires a huge amount of stamina. So, before starting this trek you should boost your stamina and calm your mind.

Tips to Overcome Gokyo Lake Trek Difficulty

Stay Hydrated

You will be walking continuously for 5 to 6 hours in this trek due to which dehydration is common. So, it is necessary to carry a refillable bottle during your trek.

At some point, you might not notice shops for a few hours so always fill your bottle before the beginning of your trek. Also, to prevent altitude sickness a hydrated body is very necessary.

You can refill your bottle with hot water in the lodge you will be staying in. But extra charges might be added for it. Also, always carry a water purification tablet to use when you don’t know about the proper water source.

Physical Exercise

Physical exercises help to increase your body stamina and meditation helps keep your mind calm. A fit body and a positive mindset are necessary before going on a trek in the high region.

Physical Exercises such as cycling, running, short hikes, walking about 3 to 4 hours a day, and many more can be done on your own. You can do these exercises 2 to 3 weeks before your actual trek.


Gokyo Renjo La Pass Trek

We hope that this article was very helpful for you to know about the EBC Gokyo Trek Difficulty. On this trek, you will be exploring the Gokyo valley viewing scenic views and walking in exotic trails.

You can also combine this trek with your Everest Base Camp Trek that increases your trekking days. This is a wonderful trekking experience you should not miss out on.

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