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How Long Does It Take To Climb Mount Ama Dablam?

Climbing Ama Dalam Takes around 25-28 Days if you choose well acclimatized and standard itinerary, this is Kathmandu to Kathmandu duration. But depending upon your walking speed and the transportation means (helicopter from base camp) you choose, it can be completed in 15-19 days.

Mount Ama Dablam is a stunning mountain in the eastern part of the Himalayan range. In addition, this mountain is located in the Khumbu region, besides Mt Everest in Nepal. Did you know that Mount Ama Dablam has two peaks? Yes, you read that right!

The two peaks of Mount Ama Dablam are called the main peak and the lower western peak. Additionally, the peaks are at 6,812 meters or 22,349 feet and 6,170 meters or 20,243 feet above sea level.

Further, the name Ama Dablam does sound interesting, doesn’t it? Well, this name means “a mother’s necklace.” But that is not all. The name also suggests the protection of a loving mother.

People say that the long ridges on both sides of this gorgeous mountain look like arms, like the arms of a mother or “Ama.” And “Dablam” may indicate the hanging glacier between the two arms. In addition, Mount Ama Dablam also looks like a necklace worn by Sherpa women, consisting of two pendants and pictures of gods.

So, after knowing the interesting things about Mount Ama Dablam, do you wish to climb it? If you do, you might also question how long does it take to climb Mount Ama Dablam. To answer your question, continue reading this very informative article.

So, how Long Does It Take To Climb Mount Ama Dablam?

Okay, after knowing about the beauty of Mount Ama Dablam and its various routes, let us jump into your burning question: how long does it take to climb Mount Ama Dablam? Considering the various factors involved in climbing, such as acclimatization, season of climb, expertise, and skills, one can take 25 to 32 days to climb this mountain.

If you are an experienced individual brave enough to climb this technical mountain, you can climb it as early as 25 days. However, if you are a beginner with little experience climbing a demanding mountain, climbing may take more than 40 days. This climbing duration counts the days, including your coming and returning to Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal.

Further, if you are in the Everest trekking region, the time you will take to trek to Mount Ama Dablam Base camp can take seven to ten days. The climb to the summit can take fourteen to eighteen days.

To understand more about the question: how long does it take to climb Mount Ama Dablam? Let us look at some details.

Before The Climb

There are many things one must prepare for climbing any mountain. And climbing Mount Ama Dablam is no less. In addition, the climb is a difficult one, so one must prepare for it all.

Training for the climb is the number one thing. Many people like to run, do extensive aerobic exercises, and also learn to climb before the journey. The number of days one takes to train depends upon the person. However both experienced and beginners must train, but beginners need to train more, so they take more days.

Also, coming to Kathmandu, preparing for the climb, and gathering all your gear and equipment may take some time. You will go to Lukla from Kathmandu, and from there, you will start your trek.

The trek starts from Phakding, 2,800 meters or 9186.352 feet above sea level. Then from Phakding, you will trek to Namche Bazar, 3,440 meters or 11286.09 feet above sea level. There is also acclimatization which is preparing your body for the low oxygen level at higher altitudes that may take some days. Usually, people rest for a day at Namche Bazar to acclimatize.

You trek from Namche Bazaar to Tengboche, 3,860 meters or 12664.04 feet above sea level. Then from Tengboche, you trek to the most anticipated Mount Ama Dablam Base Camp.

At The Mount Ama Dablam Base Camp

Reaching the base camp is one of the most exciting times while climbing any mountain. The stunning Mount Ama Dablam Base Camp is 4,570 meters or 15,000 feet above sea level.

After arriving at the base camp, you prepare to climb the mountain’s summit. The activities mainly include training with your gear and equipment. Also, your guides will ensure you know everything about climbing Mount Ama Dablam and mentally prepare you for the great climb.

The Ama Dablam Base Camp is also known as Camp I, and reaching here can take five to six hours from Tengboche. The journey mainly consists of grassy ridges, making it a pleasant climb, especially to the feet. Before reaching the base camp, cross a granite boulder field and climb some granite slabs.

Climbing Up To The Summit

From Camp I, your actual climbing journey begins. Remember that you are acclimatizing yourselves as you progress along your climb. Further, from Camp I you have to reach Camp II. The journey is mostly laden with snow ledges and rock terraces. Also, you can find some granite slabs in the journey too.

Before arriving at Camp II, you must climb or jumar a location known as the Yellow Tower, the most technical part of your climbing adventure. Camp II lies 6,080 meters or 1,9947.51 feet above sea level.

Moving on, from Camp II, you progress toward Camp III. From here, you start gaining heights rapidly. Before reaching Camp III, 6200 meters or 20341.21 feet above sea level, you must cross the Grey Tower, your next grand obstacle after the Yellow Tower. Then, after passing some ice and snow, you reach “Mushroom Ridge,” a snow crest linking the Southwestern ridge to the snowfields reaching the summit. Finally, you reach Camp III.

Then from Camp III, it takes three to four hours to reach the summit, but it also depends on your skill.

The Descent From The Summit

Depending upon your skill and the climatic condition of the mountain, it may take one to two days to climb down after reaching the summit.

Like ascending, descending is also a challenge.

Routes To Climb Mount Ama Dablam

There are many amazing routes to climb this mountain. However, the Southwest Ridge route is the most popular.

Four brave mountaineers, Wally Romanes and Mike Gill from New Zealand, Barry Bishop from the United States of America, and Mike Ward from the United Kingdom, were the first to climb the mountain in 1961. They did so from the Southwest Ridge Route.

Further, the Southwest Ridge Route is known to be filled with beauty and an aesthetic climbing route. But this route is also filled with steep snow and icy rocks, making it a difficult mountain to climb.

The other routes to climb Mount Ama Dablam are the North Ridge Route, the North East Route, the Lowe Route, the East Ridge, the Stane Belak Šrauf Memorial Route, Northwest Ridge Route, and the Ariake-Sakashita Route. In addition, the Northeast Route is also known for its steepness, while the East Ridge Route is famous for being more difficult.

The Difficulty of Climbing Mount Ama Dablam

It is well-established that climbing Mount Ama Dablam is a technical task. Further, the mountain is known for its steepness. Climbing can be a daunting and challenging task. Mount Ama Dablam is filled with steep rock walls, slopes, and much ice. So, one must be aware and know how to use ice axes, crampons, and many other equipment along the way.

In addition, while climbing the glorious mountain, you must also perform glacier travel, which requires skills and knowledge about rope management while climbing up and down a mountain.

Finally, your team’s efficiency, expertise, and the days you take to acclimate yourself all come into play while answering the question: how long does it take to climb Mount Ama Dablam?

More Information About Mount Ama Dablam

Often known as the “Matterhorn of the Himalayas,” Mount Ama Dablam can be seen clearly in its glory south of Mount Everest and Lhotse. Many trekkers trekking towards Everest Base Camp speak about the beauty of this mountain as it can be seen clearly from the Eastern sky.

When we talk about the topographical composition of Mount Ama Dablam, we talk about its sharp exposed ridges and steep ice pyramid with vertical walls. Mountaineers gush about this mountain’s beauty as it lies at the center of the vast Khumbu region.

Climbers often exclaim its stunning soaring shape that boasts a proud sharp point. So, it is no wonder that many mountain enthusiasts dream of climbing this mountain someday. Also, once you reach its summit, you will always remember the stunning panoramic view of Mount Cho Oyu, Makalu, Lhotse, and Mount Everest.

Further, the climb to reach the top of Mount Ama Dablam is a challenging and tasking journey, so many thrill seekers flock to Nepal to get the chance to climb this stunning mountain.

Did you know Mount Ama Dablam lies inside the scenic Sagarmatha National Park?

Sagarmatha National Park is a beautiful national park with deep valleys, glaciers, and gorgeous mountains. You can also find many endangered and exotic animal species, such as snow leopards and lesser pandas lurking inside the national park. Further, the park is adorned with the rich and fascinating Sherpa culture.

So, if you are a sucker for Nepali traditions and like to surround yourself with the stunning beauty of Nepali mountains, Sagarmatha National Park is a must-visit.

Finally, the answer to the question: how long does it take to climb Mount Ama Dablam also depends upon your resilience and will to climb its peak.


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