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How Tall is Mount Everest?

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Mount Everest (8848 m/29,035 ft) is the highest mountain peak in the world. Located in the sub-range of Mahalangur, Mount Everest towers above all other natural formations in the world.

Mount Everest edges past Mt. K2 and Kanchenjunga to get crowned the tallest mountain in the world. An Indian survey team estimated the height of Mount Everest to be 8848 meters in 1954. This measurement was duly considered a precise analysis by geologists and researchers.

However, many researchers questioned the sources and reliability of the survey and wanted a re-survey. Therefore, due to this concern, many researchers attempted to remeasure the height of the mountain peak. In the year of 1975, a Chinese team came to the conclusion that the height of Everest was 29029.24 feet or 8848.11 m.

Moreover, a group of Italian scientists and researchers also surveyed to determine the height of Mount Everest. They used modern technologies like laser measurement technology and the Global Positioning System (GPS) to measure Mt. Everest. Besides that, there were many different surveys done around the time.

Furthermore, the dispute remained, and the American researchers from the National Geographic Society went on to do another survey of Mt. Everest. This team of researchers used the Global Positioning System (GPS) to conclude that the height of Mt. Everest to be 8850 meters. The 2 meters of difference from the previous height was due to cartography and geodesy, according to the researchers.

Similarly, Chinese geologists used the ice-penetrating radar and GPS to scale Mount Everest six year later. The team concluded that the height is 29,017.12 ft. This claim was widely publicized in the Chinese media. However, the Nepalese authorities had contradictory responses to it and referred with the Chinese team for the use of ‘snow height’ of 29028 ft. Eventually, both the parties settled their dispute and agreed on the measurement.

What is the actual height of Mt. Everest in different units?

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The actual height of Mt. Everest in Feet is 29,030 feet or 8848 meters. Mt. Everest is approximately 5.498 miles or 8.848 kilometers long based on the recorded data. However, this data is not final and the measurements done by the Nepalese researchers remains awaited.

Has the height of Mount Everest reduced?

There were huge speculations that Mt. Everest may have shrunk slightly due to the earthquake of April 2015. Many geologists came forward along with Nepalese experts to measure the actual height of Mount Everest and report any inconsistencies.

Moreover, the historical event was the first time a team of Nepalese scientists took the survey of the height of Mount Everest on their own. They used ground-penetrating radar and Global Navigation Satellite System to measure the height. Nepalese officials looked over the whole process. The study is ongoing, and results will be out soon.

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