How To Attach Sleeping Bag To Backpack

Sleeping bags are necessary on adventurous journeys where you spend nights in the wild. So, knowing the correct way of attaching a sleeping bag to a backpack is essential because it not only makes it easy to carry around but will also be preserved for future use.

However, confusion arises when finding the right way to attach your sleeping bag to your backpack, especially when searching for it online.

Thousands of articles may confuse you, and let’s be honest here: We want an article that will give the right way of attaching a sleeping bag to a backpack.

So, to make things easier for you, we have created this short and to-the-point article on one of the most burning questions while talking about sleeping bags: How to attach a sleeping bag to backpack? Let us begin!

There are a few steps involved in answering the burning question of how to attach sleeping bag to backpack.

Roll Your Sleeping Bag


Before attaching your sleeping bag to your backpack, rolling it and properly packing it should be your priority after packing your backpack correctly. This is also why rolling and packing your sleeping bag gets the first position in our list of how to attach a sleeping bag to a backpack.

Our number one recommendation is to roll your sleeping bag as tightly as possible before putting it inside a waterproof bag. You must also roll and pack your sleeping bag properly even if you decide to keep it inside your backpack.

Pack Your Backpack Properly

The second most important step to attach your sleeping bag to your backpack in our article: how to attach sleeping bag to backpack is to pack your backpack properly. Packing your backpack properly saves space and helps distribute the weight inside the backpack evenly.

Packing heavy items at the bottom, like your spare clothes, shoes, etc., should be your priority. Then, in the middle, you can put things like your food, first aid kit, etc. Finally, at the top, items you frequently need are packed.

If you are packing your sleeping bags inside your bag, then after wrapping your sleeping bag in a waterproof bag, you need to keep it first. Then, other items can be piled on top of it.

However, you need to pack your sleeping bag properly even if you’re attaching it to the exterior of your backpack. Always pack your backpack properly to support your back and upper body while participating in adventurous activities.

Waterproof Your Sleeping Bag

Waterproof Your Sleeping Bag

After a good sleep, folding your sleeping bag and making it as waterproof as possible should be any adventurer’s top priority. So, it also tops our step of the article titled: how to attach sleeping bag to backpack.

No one likes a wet and soggy sleeping bag that is bulky to carry around and uncomfortable to sleep in. Also, you want your sleeping bag to stay dry while backpacking. This step becomes even more important if you are attaching your sleeping bag to the external of your backpack.

So, one easy and cheap way of packing your sleeping bag in a waterproof bag is using a giant-sized trash bag. If you can care for them, trash bags make great waterproof bags for you to put your sleeping bag in. But avoid making any holes in the trash bag, or you may further make your sleeping bag wet.

Another waterproof bag you can use is a dry bag. Dry bags can be a great option because they are lightweight, effective, and sturdy. A standard size of a dry bag can be the 20-liter one, which can probably fit any sleeping bag and its liners in the world. However, an eight-liter dry bag will suffice if your sleeping bag is extremely lightweight or kids’ size. Also, if your sleeping bag is mega-sized, use a 35-liter dry bag.

Furthermore, waterproof compression sacks also make great waterproof bags to keep your sleeping bags in. They are easily compressible, hence reducing your bulk size, but they might cost more than a dry bag.

Use Your Backpack And Sleeping Bag’s Loops And Straps

Whenever someone talks about how to attach sleeping bag to backpack, we must first consider the type of backpack and sleeping bag we are carrying. First, inspect whether your backpack has loops that you can use, and similarly, does your sleeping bag have straps?

If the answer to both of these conditions is yes, you can easily attach a sleeping bag to your backpack by pulling the sleeping bag’s strap inside the loops of your backpack.

However, this might not always work because some backpacks may not have loops while some sleeping bags may not.

Place Your Sleeping Bag Inside Your Backpack

Place Your Sleeping Bag Inside Your Backpack

Although popular opinions suggest eyewitness trekkers, hikers, and mountaineers carry huge sleeping bags on their backpacks, you can also attach your sleeping bag to your backpack while placing it inside. So, no wonder this step showed up in our how-to-attach sleeping bag to backpack article!

The main advantage of placing your sleeping bag inside your backpack is that it helps keep it dry. So, you will always have a nice warm, dry, and comfortable sleeping bag every time you sleep in it.

Backpacks having internal frames can easily carry any sleeping bag inside it if you properly roll and pack your sleeping bag. Place your sleeping bag at the far end of your backpack. Also, your bag may contain some compression straps at the bottom. You can use those to compress your sleeping bags even further.

Also, some backpacks may have a special sleeping bag compartment that you can use to keep your bag in.

Pack It On The Top

Whenever we answer the burning question of how to attach sleeping bag to backpack, we mention placing it on the top. Packing your sleeping bag on top is one of the most popular of attaching it to your backpack. This is why you see adventure enthusiasts trotting around their huge sleeping bags on top of their backpacks.

Putting your sleeping bag has many advantages, one being that whenever you put your backpack for rest, your sleeping bag will remain intact and won’t get wet because of the ground. Also, putting it on the top allows your sleeping bag to remain healthy as it is not constantly being exposed to bushes, branches, and thorns while walking.

Compression Straps To The Rescue

If your backpack is of top-notch quality, it will come with some amazing compression straps, which answer your burning question of how to attach sleeping bag to backpack. The compression strap is used for compactly compressing your backpack so it doesn’t look huge when you pack your items.

What you can do with the compression straps is that rather than using it to reduce your backpack’s volume, leave some space on it and wiggle your sleeping bag inside it.

But if you care about weight distribution and balance during your trek, there may be better choices than using the compression straps. Because compression straps on a backpack are on the side, your bag’s balance may be a little off if you attach your sleeping bag to its sides.

However, some backpacks have compression straps on the bottom, which is a win-win situation. So, you can easily attach your backpack to the bottom using the compression straps.

Stick It To The Bottom

Stick your sleeping bagTo The Bottom

Unlike putting your sleeping bag on the top, putting it on the bottom is also an option. There are many advantages to sticking your sleeping bag on the bottom.

It is thought to be a much more natural position and is considered to be very comforting. The equipment and gear inside your backpack will thank you because your sleeping bag will act like a cushion for them.

Another main advantage is that it protects your sleeping bag from the direct effects of weather, snags from trees, and debris falling from various vegetation or birds.

Although putting your sleeping bag in the bottom has many advantages, some might not like it because it can rub on your thighs or buttocks. You can adjust this according to your liking, but it might be a problem for short people who need help putting their sleeping bags on the bottom of their backpacks.

Also, while putting your backpack down, the sleeping bag may get wet, dirty, or even suffer from various wear and tear.

Build On Your Own

Let us look at a possibility where your backpack has loops, but your sleeping bag needs straps. In this case, you must make your support system for attaching your sleeping bags to your backpack.

But do not worry; we will not recommend making your support using items you can’t even find in our how to attach sleeping bag to backpack article.

You can use elastic ropes, twines, or buckles to make your support, and four of either is enough. Then, you can use the two twine or elastic ropes to pack your sleeping bag properly. After that, attach the other remaining rope to the loops of your backpack.

So, these are all the techniques to attach a sleeping bag to your backpack.

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