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K2 Season Approaching: New Alpine Route on Trango II

K2 and Broad Peak seasons are approaching near, and the ropes on the summiting trails of Broad Peak have already been fixed to Camp 2.

Pou brothers, Eneko Pou and Iker Pou, including the British alpinist Fay Manners, announced on 14th June that their team started pushing for the summit of Trango II (6,237 meters).

The harsh weather conditions in the high Karakoram region were a major obstacle to the ascent. The fast-changing weather in the region was stalling the mountain expeditions, as it is very risky to push for the summit in such weather conditions that drastically decreases the success rate.

However, the expedition team of three found the window opportunity that favored their ascent and started pushing for the summit on 14th June.

It wasn’t apparent whether the fourth member of the expedition team, the Colombian ice climber, Andre Marin, joined the team pushing for the summit of Tango II or not.

New Alpine Route on Trango II

Trango Towers (Baltoro-Glacier, Central-Karakoram, Pakistan)

After the expedition trio, Eneko, Iker, and Fay started pushing for the summit of Trango II (6,3274 meters) on 14th June, one good news came for the mountaineering from the trio’s scaling. On 16th June, the expedition team of the trio announced that they had completed their successful ascent to the summit via a new route in Trango II.

The Pou brother, along with Manners, found a new route to successfully scale the Trango II. After breaking the news about such an incredible feat, the trio team stated that they would be sharing further details on their expedition and the newly found route in the coming days.

The mountaineering trio has been climbing the Trango group in the Karakoram region for over a month. Their latest accomplishment, the discovery of the new route on Trango II, a 205-meter route, 5.10 above previously uncharted rock spire, has become an amazing discovery for the mountaineering enthusiasts seeking adventures in the Karakoram region.

After their successful first in the new route they found, the trio expedition team stated that they had discovered a high-quality and beautiful route to the summit of the mountain.

Although there have been no further statements about the difficulty level of the route and rope lines on the newly discovered route to the summit of Trango II. It is clear that the expedition team spent two days on the slopes, starting the summit push on the 14th and announcing the new route discovery on the 16th.

But the mountaineering team hasn’t revealed the challenges of this newly discovered route, so we will have to wait for the official statement for the Pou brother and Manners on how difficult it was to ascend this route.

Trango Tower, at an elevation of 6,286 meters, is an alpine big-wall mountain located in the Baltoro Glacier of the Karakoram region of Pakistan. And Trango II (6,327 meters) is another massive peak in the region to the north of the Tower massifs. The mountains in the Trango region offer some of the most challenging rock-climbing adventures that draw hundreds of climbers every year.

Pou Brothers and Manners Busy Discovering New Routes

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Pou Brothers and Manners Busy Discovering New Routes


This isn’t the first time this expedition team has discovered new high-quality alternative routes in mountain exploration. In the late-May this year, the Pou brothers, Eneko Pou and Iker Pou, including Fay Manners, opened up a new route on the Little Trango Tower, a.k.a the Nameless Tower.

The Colombian mountaineer, Andre Marin, was also with the expedition team during the great discovery. The four-member climbing team managed to discover a new mixed route on the southeast face of the Nameless Tower during their scaling in May 2023.

They named the tower ‘Dommage Pas De Fromage,’ which can be translated into ‘Pity, No Cheese.’ The expedition team dedicated the route to the late mountaineer Line Van Den Berg.

Speaking about their discovery, the expedition team said that although their new route falls relatively shorter in comparison to the overall giant scales of the region, it featured a high-quality climbing experience in the challenging terrain.

Pou Brothers and Manners expedition team also opened another short route close to the base camp and named it ‘The Bad and The Ugly‘ (7a, 230m).’ They climbed the new route they discovered with 7 hours of non-stop climbing in an alpine style.


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