Trekking and Climbing Cost Ideas For Kanchenjunga

Kanchenjunga is the third tallest mountain in the world. Hence, there are a lot of mountaineers who are looking to trek through the mountain every year. One of the most important things to remember before trying to go on a trek to a mountain like Kanchenjunga is to estimate and manage the necessary costs. The trip to Kanchenjunga is just like the cost of every other mountain trek, but since the mountain is not as crowded as Mount Everest, prices may vary from the exact cost of climbing the highest peak in the world.

In this article, we have listed everything you need to know about the Kanchenjunga trek, especially its cost. Make sure you tune in till the end of this article to know more!

How much does it cost for the Kanchenjunga Trek?

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The trip to Kanchenjunga is taken through a very rural trail. However, this does not mean that it is going to be a cheap trek. You have to carry at least US$ 1800 to $2100 with you when you are on this trip. The more facilities you are seeking, the more you are going to want to spend. Hence, make sure that you carry along the amount above, or just in case, a little more than this. Do not, whatsoever, carry any less than $1800 because you never know what the roads in the mountain are waiting to give you. You may need extra equipment or simply extra money to spend on something that you had not predicted pre-trip.

It is always suggested to be a little cautious before actually taking the trip regarding money. And in trips like this one, money often equates to safety and services!

You have to remember that you will be spending according to the facilities, and more expensive hi-fi facilities will cost you more than accommodating yourself to simpler food and cheaper lodges. You can find hotels or lodges that are cheap and smaller and provide you with lesser facilities at just $6-USD 8. But, if you are not used to the cheaper facilities and are looking for better quality hotels and food with accommodation with almost no place to complain, you can simply find hotels in a more expensive range.

Likewise, the food is quite typical and rural, but in expensive hotels, you are likely to find better and more varieties. And, when you are on this trek, you will not have to miss out on equipment costs which also adds to your safeguard. Guides and porters are another matter of concern. Make sure you pay these hardworking people just as well or share the costs with other trekkers for ease and quality services.

What should I spend on the Kanchenjunga Trek?

What should I spend on Kanchenjunga Trek

There are several things that you need to spend on when you are on your trek to Kanchenjunga. Some of the facilities and expenses you should bear are food and lodging, equipment, guides and porters, permits, and transportation costs. We have listed everything below with the necessary details; read thoroughly to get the information!

Fooding and Lodging

kanchenjunga Fooding and Lodging

Buying your food and a place to stay are some of the most important aspects of going on the Kanchenjunga trek. You will likely spend some money on hotels in Kathmandu after you land in the capital city before heading to Illam. Make sure to find a good 3-star hotel that will not cost you more than USD 20 if you are wise enough on your time to find it. Hotels are cheap in Kathmandu; hence seek as much information as possible if you want to get a lodge or a hotel for less.

In Kathmandu, you are likely to find restaurants or food from the same hotel that you stay in. The food’s cost may or may not be added to your bill. You still have the option to not eat in your hotel if you are looking to explore food options in the capital city, which is plenty. The cost depends on where you are eating. It may cost you from $3 to USD 20.

When you are off to Taplejung, you will find smaller lodges and, with rarity, bigger hotels that you need to stay in before proceeding with your climb to Mount Kanchenjunga. You are more likely to stay in small teahouses or guesthouses. These guesthouses may not provide you with the best facilities as the hotels in Kathmandu. However, you get adequate facilities like good beds, blankets, food, and mattresses in these guesthouses. The cost may range from $6-$8 per night. Likewise, some guesthouses may ask you to pay extra for the food. These costs do not include that for Wi-Fi and hot showers.

One might have to pay an extra $3 for Wi-Fi in areas that actually have that facility. Likewise, paying a little more for hot water for showers is advisable for anyone looking to take a bath. While some guesthouses may have geysers, others don’t, but with extra money, you can still get heated water. As for the Wi-Fi connection, in the absence of Wi-Fi, you can buy a recharge card that will last you long enough for a very low price.


For a permit, the municipal permit of restricted zones will cost you US$10 per person each week. The admission permit for the protected area costs roughly $2 per trekker.

Transportation Cost

kanchenjunga transportation cost

Your transportation cost will cost you as per the facilities you take. If you take a flight trip, you should have at least $375 USD in your pocket. But jeeps are quite cheap. A trip from IIlam to Taplejung will cost you around $100 USD.

You will be taking different roads starting from Kathmandu to reach Kanchenjunga. Therefore, the costs will definitely increase with all the routes that you take. The aforementioned cost, however, is one that you will need to reach Kanchenjunga from nearer locations.

Flight to Bhadrapur will take around $200, and driving from Khamdime to Bhadrapur will cost you around $250 from a jeep.


You will need trekking poles, mittens, a sleeping bag, and durable mountaineering boots to ascend Mount Kanchenjunga. The cold climate will really require you to use this equipment, in many cases, even more. Hence, you must spare $200-$500 USD for just these.

Guides and Porters

hire a guide and porter for kanchenjunga base camp trek

Another important aspect of the Kanchenjunga Trek is guides and porters. You cannot overlook the importance of these workers when it comes to trekking to the third-highest mountain in the world. Guides and porters will guide you and make your journey easier by helping you climb the mountain and descend. Even if you are experienced in mountain climbing, you really cannot risk your life by not taking along a trustworthy guide. Likewise, a porter is a must as you will be carrying lots of equipment along with you.

The cost for guides and porters can go from $25 to $35 per day.

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