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EBC Trek Day 08: Lobuche to Everest Base Camp

Lobuche Elevation: 4920 meters

Gorak Shep Elevation: 5164 meters

Everest Base Camp Elevation: 5380 meters

Distance covered: 4.3 kilometers

Trek Duration: 3 hours

Highlights of Day 08: Lobuche to Everest Base Camp

  • The amazing sunrise view from Lobuche village.
  • Everest Base Camp
  • Amazing Himalayan views
  • The view of Khumbu glacier and Icefall
  • The high altitude village at Gorakshep

Before going to bed yesterday, I’d said to Gun Das that I wanted to start earlier today. I was kind of irritated by the crowd of trekkers. Starting early could help me escape that, I thought.

As I woke up, it was an exciting day. Since I opened my eyes, I had this in mind “Today is the day!” There were lots of queries whisking inside my mind. Will I make it to the Everest base camp today? I said “I CAN!” and got off my bed.

I had ordered a banana pancake and hot chocolate for my breakfast. After having breakfast, we started to trek. The trail was flat in the beginning. It was early and the Himalayas were just waking up with the streams of sun rays.

I was clicking on some amazing photographs. Gradually trekking, There were stunning views of the amazing landscapes coming inside the frame. The rolling Hills and Himalayas that backdropped the tiny village of Lobuche were astonishing!

It was a cold morning. In fact, it was extremely cold. What would I do if I hadn’t packed enough clothes? I had my base layers, down jacket, hat, lightweight gloves, warm socks, and hiking boots on. Throughout the morning, I was wearing all those.

As we left Lobuche behind, we climbed through the trekking trail along the Khumbu glacier.

We were walking over the mass of rugged sediments of the glacier. There were some Himalayas in close vicinity.

The climb wasn’t sharp. We hadn’t covered long distances like during the previous days. However, it was stressful. The fear of altitude sickness was hovering above me. I was walking for a few minutes and halting, gasping for air. I was doing this several times. Gun Das, he walked with me asking me at times if I was okay.

I wasn’t okay. How can one be okay at such a high altitude? I was struggling to make it up to my dream destination. My muscles were losing energy. I was taking rests and drinking oral salt solutions and waiting for my body to rejuvenate. The struggle was real.

While we hiked up, we met three groups that were returning after a successful Everest Base Camp trek. If they can I can, I was trying to boost my moral strength. Thanks to Gun Das who was continuously talking to me asking if everything was fine. Occupied in his conversation, I used to feel less stressed.

Finally, after a really tough hike for many hours, we were at Gorakshep that was literally a frozen lakebed. At a teahouse there, we had our lunch. I was so tired today. Yet, I decided to make it up to the base camp.

everest base camp trek

We walked slowly. We had left all our luggage and loads at the teahouse in Gorak Shep. Later on, I was standing at the base camp of Everest. And I wasn’t believing it, it was such a splendid moment. The Himalayas soaring high, they looked amazing!

After some time at the base camp, we hiked back to Gorak Shep. It was extremely cold outside here in everest base camp. I stayed in the warm dining hall. (they have heaters in the dining halls) The dinner was ready. After dinner, Gun Das said we will be starting at 4 am tomorrow. Early you go, it will be much better he said.

I clung into my warm sleeping bag and two blanket over it. Waking for a pee was the most difficult thing at night. (you have to get out from your warm bed and walk out). I had to pee three times that night. Jesus knows how annoying that was. ( I was drinking water to hydrate myself during the night as well)

It was another wonderful day in Everest Base Camp trek. I was excited to reach the most beautiful vantage point of Everest tomorrow. Lord! I hope everything goes well.

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