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Malaysian Hearing Impaired Climber Missing on Everest

Hasim shared the news of his successful ascend to the top of the summit via walkie-talkie before missing

Muhammad Hawari Hashim has been missing on Everest since 19th May 2023. One of the participants of the ‘ME2023 Mission’, the hearing-impaired Malaysian climber has been missing from the Base Camp after conquering the summit of Everest at around 3:30 pm, local time on 18th May.

The last time the Malaysian climber was in contact with his expedition team was on the 19th of May (5:45 Malaysian time). Hasim shared the news of his successful ascend to the top of the summit via a walkie-talkie and has been out of contact ever since.

News of Disappearance Reported by Nepali Media

Malaysian Hearing Impaired Climber Missing on EverestThe news of the hearing-impaired climber was reported by the Nepali media, The Himalayan Times on 20th May 2023. According to the report, director of the Pioneer Adventure Pvt. Ltd. stated that Hashim had been out of contact since Friday. Hashim remained out of contact when the other team members left their camp to rescue another Malaysian climber.

His disappearance was reported to all operators on an expedition on the mountain and to check whether he took shelter in any nearby tents at the camping site.

Just after creating history in mountaineering by scaling the tallest mountain in the world, Mt. Everest (8,849 meters), the hearing-impaired mountaineer’s sudden disappearance had everyone worried.

Hashim stood at the top of the world with a Penang flag to express the message that:-

“Having a disability does not have to be limiting” 

The hearing-impaired created history as the first-ever physically challenged Malayasian to successfully conquered the summit of Mt. Everest. His expedition to the top of Everest was led by the directors of the Pioneer Adventure, Ngaa Tenji Sherpa, and Mingma Dorchi Sherpa.

Malaysian Deaf Climber’s Jacket Found by Search and Rescue Team

Muhammad Hawari Hashim's jacket found on Everest
Mr. Muhammad Hawari bin Hasim, aged 33, disappeared subsequent to his descent to Camp 4.

Since Hashim’s disappearance from Everest Base Camp IV (7,925 meters) on Friday, the search and rescue team deployed immediately found the Gore-Tex jacket of the missing climber. The jacket with Global Positioning System was only belonging to the Malaysian climber that the search and rescue team found on the slopes of the mountain on Tuesday, 23rd May.

The team found the jacket with ‘Recco’ system at the Camp II (6,400 meters) of Everest, after getting out of contact at Base Camp IV finding his belonging near Base Camp II did hint that the missing climber might have been on a descending trail. But losing the Recco technology in his jacket means that finding the missing climber has been complicated, as the technology allows the rescue team to easily locate the wearer.


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Both aerial and land SAR were carried out, searching the crevasse areas, and climbing areas including the unusual trails. The SAR rescue team was also trying to trace the phone of the 33-year-old missing climber but they were not able to locate him.

Further, a group of experienced Sherpa was deployed for a thorough inception to find the missing hearing-dispaired climber in every tent of Base Camp II, III, and IV.

Malaysian Youth and Sports Ministry to the Aid

Malaysian Youth and Sports Ministry to the Aid for Muhammad Hawari Hashim

According to the news report, the Malaysian Youth and Sports Ministry came to aid in search for the first-ever physically challenged Malaysian to successfully scale Mt. Everest. The Malaysian ministry reportedly allocated US$3,20,000 worth of aid for the SAR mission. The aid was to hire more Sherpas and helicopters to make the search more efficient and effective.

However, one of the leaders of the search and rescue crew did point out how challenging the search mission was going to be. As the missing 33-year-old climber is hearing-impaired, without him hearing the voices and sirens of the search team and the team not being able to hear him certainly did make the rescue mission even more challenging.

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Missing Malaysian Climber Search Continues

Malaysian Hearing Impaired Climber with Nims Purja
Malaysian Climber Muhammad Hawari with Nims Purja

Although the search and rescue mission for the missing hearing-dispaired Malaysian mountaineer was to be put to a stop on Sunday, 28th May. The Nepali Government gave permission for continuing the search for the missing ME2023 climber.

Nepalese authorities had halted the search and rescue mission that was going on to find the 33-year-old missing climber on 29th May. However, after a negotiation Malaysian embassy in Nepal, the search team was given five more additional days to continue the search for Hashim.

The search is proceeding with two drones and with the help of mountain guides at Base Camp II.

Hashim’s family, mother, Che Tom Hassan (64), wife, Tang Xie Lie (34), and couple’s children Hana Sakeena Mohammad Hawari Hasmin (4) and Haris Sufyan Muhammad (1) are praying for a safe return of the missing climber.

On the day that the 33-year Malaysian climber went missing, Hari Buddha Magar, a British veteran made history as the first above-the-knee amputee to successfully scale Mt. Everest on 19th May 2023.

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