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Mingma David Sherpa Becomes the First Person to Scale Mt. K2 Six Times

Faced numerous difficulties caused by bad weather and snowstorms. 

Mingma David Sherpa, the director of the Elite Exped has become the first mountaineer to successfully conquer the treacherous slopes of K2 for the sixth time. Mingma Sherpa along with his Elite Exped expedition team successfully scaled the notorious mountain for the sixth time on 28th July 2023 at 11:50 am, local time. 

But, this wasn’t his first record on the deadly slopes of the world’s second-tallest mountain in Karakoram Range, back in January 2021, Mingma David Sherpa, also became one of the first people to successfully complete the K2 scaling in the winter alongside his Elite Exped partner Nimal Purja a.k.a Nimsdai. 

Rough Journey to the Mt. K2 Summit 

Since K32 (8,611 meters), the second-highest peak in the world is closer to the farther northern side, it is notorious for the bad weather of the region. In fact, it is so treacherous that, even during the peak seasons scaling of the mountain isn’t an easy expedition; for every 4 climbers ascending to the K2, the life of one climber is claimed by the treacherous slopes of the mountain. 

Likely, Mingma David Sherpa, who was on his sixth successful conquest of the peak, wasn’t favored by the deadly weather either. The Elite Exped team that was pushing to the summit faced numerous difficulties caused by bad weather and snowstorms. 

But, with the unparalleled determination field by the mountaineering spirit and trust between the companions, this elite team pushed through the obstacles claiming the summit of K2. Speaking after the victory on this deadly mountain in Karakoram Range, the Elite Exped director congratulated all the k2 Summiters of the expedition team and thanked everyone who has supported his journey over the years. 

Humble Journey to Records

Driven by his love and passion for snow-clad wonders, the Elite Exped director had a pretty humble beginning. During his initial years, Mingma David Sherpa started working as a porter slowly climbing the ladder to reach the pinnacle of the mountaineering adventure.

As one of the firm pillars behind Nirmal Purja’s (Nimsdai)  ‘Project Possible’, Mingma Sherpa stood shoulder by shoulder with the mountaineering legend on top of 8 peaks and completed the world record in six months and six days. The Elite Exped director also set his own record during the process, Mingma David Sherpa was just 30 years old when he successfully summited all the 14 highest peaks in the world. 

Having claimed the title after conquering his last peak, Mt. Shishapangma (8,027 meters), he was honored with the title of ‘Sherpa of the Year’ in 2019 as well as the Piolet d’Or Asia Award.

Mingma David Sherpa has also set numerous other records in mountaineering history that will inspire the upcoming generation, and he did all of it in the three decades of his mountaineering career.

Having been born and raised in the Sherpa community of the Phaktalung in the eastern part of  the country, this mountaineering pioneer has accomplished such remarkable feats that it takes others a lifetime to achieve


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