11 Trip Mistakes To Avoid As A Solo Traveler

Traveling solo can be the most adventurous yet the scariest thing to do. No matter where you are going, you can never be safe or always at peace when you are traveling alone. There are lots of circumstances that will push you to be afraid, along with the fact that it is easier to find yourself better during solo travel. There are a lot of things to consider during one’s solo travel, and we have made sure to list everything you need to know in this article.

Make sure to read till the end of this article to know all about solo traveling, what types of mistakes you are likely to make, and how you can avoid such mistakes as a solo traveler!

What Happens In A Solo Travel?

What happens in a solo travel?

When you are traveling solo, it means that you are not taking anyone besides yourself on the trip. So, at first, it’s just you and your luggage. Solo travelers don’t have to depend on anyone to do anything they want throughout the trip. Hence, a sense of authority towards having to choose where to go or where to stay, what to eat, who to associate with, and how much to spend is one of the biggest pros of solo traveling for a lot of people. Likewise, when a person does not find a partner or would rather go on a journey to come in tune with himself, he is likely to go on a solo travel trip.

Along with the pros, of course, there are cons, one of them being safety. There are lots of things that are not known to a person unless he finally starts traveling on his own. Hence, solo travelers tend to make mistakes along the way. But as they say, prevention is always better than cure. And one must know what mistakes he is likely to make and how to avoid them.

Mistakes Of A Solo Traveler And How You Can Avoid Them

Solo travelers very often make mistakes that, to them, do not seem like a mistake at first. But traveling several miles all alone will come with some blunders that can be avoided to an extent. Though it is hard to guarantee that solo travelers will not make a single minor mistake, it is necessary to at least be sure that no major mistakes are made. The following mistakes and their avoidance measures will definitely help you if you are thinking of solo travel any time soon!

1. Late arrival at the airport

Late arrival at the airport

Arriving at the airport on time is one of the most crucial things to do when you are traveling alone. There is almost no one who is going to correct you during your travels. Plus, you are in charge of your timing and everything you do here on. Hence, your solo travel starts from the airport itself. It is always better to arrive early at the airport, but if you arrive late, then it will fluster you and overwhelm you in ways that can ruin your airport ride and mess things up in ways you may never even have imagined. Be very attentive to the timings if you don’t want the beginning of your journey to be chaotic.

You can always avoid the chaos and hassle by being on time. And you can do this by arranging everything you need to get packed and sealed before the day you are supposed to go to the airport. Do not make any last-minute preparations because that might get you late. Only carrying the bag and taking off should be the activities to be done on the day you leave for the airport. Final goodbyes are better done earlier than the day you leave itself.

2. Do not overpack

Mistakes of a solo traveler and how you can avoid them

Overpacking stuff will get you in trouble, if anything. If you are packing lots of things to carry on your solo trip, then you need to remember that every time you change locations or have to make rounds of different places, you have to drag along your heavy load by yourself. A lot of times, people carry along things that they won’t even need. That can be considered as impulsive packing.

If you want to avoid this and keep your solo trip at the most fun mode throughout your trip, then only carry what you need. Make a list of things you are taking along with you. Then, cross off everything that you will need the least. You might shorten the list to a good extent when you really do this. It is always better to repeat clothes than carry a big baggage of things that will ruin your trip.

3. Wrong accommodation

choosing Wrong accommodation during solo travel

While a solo traveler is always likely to find a hotel that is the most accessible and the cheapest, it is not worth your time and money to compromise your comfort. If you are spending, then you might as well spend on a rightly accommodating hotel that will be comfortable and not too heavy on your pocket either. Accommodation should not be a big deal when you do your research before your travel.

So, if you are looking to stay somewhere, make sure to do proper research and be willing to pay a few more bucks if it means that you will be comfortable and accommodated well throughout your stay.

4. Over-expectation

Over-expectation during solo travel

Expectation that exceeds the truth is often disappointing when you are traveling solo. No place that you travel to is going to be perfect. There are going to be at least one or two elements in a trip, whether it is major or minor, that are going to dampen your expectations. And this is completely fine because this is reality.

When you balance your expectations and willingness to accept a few disappointing instances here and there, that’s when you can enjoy the trip regardless of what comes your way. Only expecting good things and later having to deal with a negative experience is something a solo traveler should avoid.

5. Not making connections

Not making connections Mistakes to avoid as a solo traveler

It is not always important that you imply “stranger danger” to anyone you meet during your solo travel. In fact, you would be making a mistake if you didn’t make any connections on your trip. Make sure you build connections and make friends, as you never know when you will be traveling to the same place.

It is not only about making friends but also about having someone who will have your back when you are in need of it the next time you visit. And this way, you can only foster good memories and friendships along the way.

6. Overplanning

overplanning trip during solo travel

Doing everything beyond what is necessary is unimportant when you are solo traveling. Overplanning is one such mistake you should avoid when you are on a solo trip. When you over-plan, you tend to raise your expectations with the trip. You are going to plan things that you won’t even be possibly getting to do when the reality hits. Do your research, know about the rules and regulations of the country you are traveling to, and do not come to a conclusion before you thoroughly review what you are up to.

Planning more than you should is overburdening yourself. Do only what’s adequate and attainable. And, make sure you are not rushing yourself into jumping to the next thing on your bucket list because that’s how you miss out on slowly relishing the best moments of your life.

7. Late arrival

Late arrival at the airport during solo travel

Arriving late, whether it is your hotel or your destination, is a bad idea. Do not be so laid back to the point that you forget to make it on time anywhere you go. Late arrival is possibly one of the biggest mistakes you can make as you won’t be getting any means of transportation during late hours. Additionally, finding help is not an easy chore when you are at a new place at an hour when everyone is surely asleep.

So, book your flights accordingly and don’t be out late. This way, you will be saving yourself from the scariest troubles that will await if you are not good with time management and planning.

8. Oversharing with strangers about your solo trip

 oversharing with strangers about your solo trip

Another big mistake that you can make as a solo traveler is that you share a lot of details about your trip with them. You can never trust anyone. Though building connections is necessary, there is a fine line between being polite and being overly comfortable with sharing personal details. Things can go as far as to make a person unsafe in a new location. Solo trips are always dangerous as it is. And when you tell a person you just met that you are alone, you can never smell the intentions of that person.

Oversharing can be dangerous. Hence, you should keep your distance from anyone from whom you do not feel a good intention. It is easier to take advantage of a person who is alone than it is a person who has the likelihood of calling for help from nearby in case of a risky situation.

9. Wearing expensive jewelry

avoid Wearing expensive jewelry during solo travel

Wearing expensive and flashy jewelry on a trip is an inviting threat when you are a solo traveler. People have their eyes on a tourist that looks different from them as it is, and when that certain tourist has a piece of jewelry that stands out, it makes it easier for robbers to rob you. Hence, minimal is the most. Wear simple clothes and don’t try to stand out because that’s how you are going to get yourself in trouble.

In fact, it is only wise to keep your expensive jewelry and luxurious valuables at home. Bringing things as such to your solo trip is not always going to guarantee your safety.

10. Set priorities properly

Set priorities properly during your solo travel

It is necessary that a person sets his priorities properly during his solo travel. Putting money over everything else is not what you should be looking for. There are bigger things to shift your focus on, including your documents and yourself. Take care of yourself when everything is sorted, keep your documents safe, and lastly, focus on spending your money wisely. Being on a budget is not a hard thing to do. When you spend well, you do well. But, overly focusing on only your money might put other, more important things at risk.

So, make sure your priorities are rightly set.

11. Drinking or sleeping too much

avoid Drinking or sleeping too much during solo travel

Traveling solo is never like traveling with someone you trust. Hence, you cannot let yourself go when you are alone. Drinking too much at a place you don’t know around people you just met is what one should avoid at all times. Plus, when you sleep too much, you are not getting plentiful rest but exhausting your body all the more. Hence, drinking or sleeping too much are some activities that will make you dull and tired if anything.

Get the normal amount of sleep as you always do when you are not on a trip, and make sure that you set a drinking limit for yourself. This way, you can enjoy your solo trip while also being safe while you’re at it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What to majorly consider when traveling alone?

When you are traveling alone, you should make sure not to be too reckless.

What should you avoid while traveling?

Overpacking, overplanning, being too friendly with strangers, and wearing flashy ornaments are some of the things you should avoid while traveling.

Is solo female travel safe?

Though risks and dangers are there for anyone, it is safe for a solo female to travel, given she has done enough research and has experience in dealing with new places and people.

Can introverts travel alone?

Although it can be a bit difficult, it is possible that introverts travel alone.

How do I start my first solo trip?

Make sure that the destination is close to your home country so that you don’t feel lost on your first solo trip.

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