Mount Wycheproof: Shortest Registered Mountain In The World

Mount Wycheproof is one of the shortest registered mountains in the whole world. This mountain is situated in Victoria, Australia, in the small town of Wycheproof. The peak stands at a height of 147 meters (482 ft) above sea level and 42 meters (138 ft) above the surrounding terrain. The town of Wycheproof has never always been a residential area, and the people there came only later on as the years passed. Moreover, with time, Mount Wycheproof started gaining recognition as a hill where people would annually race up as a tradition. There are just so many interesting facts about Mount Wycheproof that you would be interested in, and we have summed up everything in this article.

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Mount Wycheproof vs. Mount Everest

Mount Wycheproof vs. Mount Everest

Everyone knows and has heard about the tallest mountain in the world, Mount Everest. But not many people, even in its home country, Australia, know about the shortest mountain in the world. These two mountains contrast with one another. In fact, it really would not be wrong to say that these mountains are polar opposites given the fact that Mount Everest has a height of 8848m, whereas Mount Wycheproof has a height of only 42m. The vast difference between these two mountains also serves for the difference between climbing difficulties, geographical location, and nature of these mountains.

Mount Wycheproof is located in the Terrick range which in itself is located in one of the smallest towns in Australia. The town is in a comparatively rural area than the hustling city areas. This town can be said to be in the center of this summit. Wycheproof only has a population of 789 people as of now. Though Mount Wycheproof has been labeled the smallest registered mountain in the world, there has been a debate that it is not a mountain but a mere hill. However, the debate has not yet come to a conclusion, and people have always had varied opinions about Mount Wycheproof.

This peak, on the one hand, is not very prominent; on the other hand, Mount Everest is the most prominent mountain in the whole world. Mount Everest is one of the most dangerous and fatal mountains, along with being the tallest mountains in the world, albeit people climb and attempt to climb it more and very often in comparison to Wycheproof. It is much easier to scale Wycheproof, but people really don’t come to the mountain quite as much. In fact, besides the people in the town, there aren’t many people who are interested in climbing the short mountain.

Is Mount Wycheproof a mountain or a hill?

Is Mount Wycheproof a mountain or a hill

Mount Wycheproof is a mountain. There has been a major debate about this subject as a lot of people would rather not consider this peak a mountain. To many, this is just a mere hill, and to others, it is a mountain. While the debate is still going on, Mount Wycheproof is a mountain. It has been recorded as the shortest mountain in the whole world. And it opposes Mount Everest, which is the tallest mountain in the world in its height and features.

Though there aren’t many people who come here to trek and climb the mountain, the number of tourists has seemingly increased over the years. Many countries in the world recognize only peaks above the height of 1000m as a mountain. However, laws and the way people perceive the heights of mountains vary from country to country. Though people, even in America, would not agree to Wycheproof being a mountain, in Australia, this peak is recognized not as a hill but as a mountain. Furthermore, there just aren’t as many differences between a mountain and a hill as one might assume.

The mountain is located in a flat grassland area. And one can easily find animals like kangaroo and emus in the area. Moreover, phosphate materials are heavily found in this peak, and it has its own unique minerals.

History of Mount Wycheproof

View from Mount Wycheproof lookout. Wycheproof, Victoria, Australia.
View from Mount Wycheproof lookout. Wycheproof, Victoria, Australia.

Mount Wycheproof has not been known to humans since the earliest of time. In fact, the mountain was only discovered during the 1800s, and people slowly started residing in this area. The population is not very dense here, even in the modern day. The survey of the township was first, and finally, done in 1875. The population of the small town located on the summit itself is lower than 800 in total even today. The locals race to the top of the peak every year, and this has been working for them as a tradition.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about mount wycheproof

What type of mountain is Mount Wycheproof?

Situated in the flat grassland, Mount Wycheproof is a granite outcrop type of mountain.

What is special about Mount Wycheproof?

Mount Wycheproof is considered the smallest mountain in the world.

What country is Mount Wycheproof in?

Mount Wycheproof is located in Victoria, Australia.

What is the shortest mountain on earth?

Mount Wycheproof, at a height of 42 meters, is the shortest mountain on earth.

How did Wycheproof get its name?

Wycheproof gets its name from an Aboriginal word that means ‘grass on a hill.’

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