Nepal Mountaineering Association Issues 301 Permit to Climb Manaslu

331 permits to climb Mt. Manaslu including 10 other peaks

Last Friday, 16th September, the Nepal Tourism Board announced the issue of 331 permits to climb Mt. Manaslu including 10 other peaks in the country. For the Manaslu alone, the eighth highest mountain peak in the world at 8,163 meters (26,781 feet) 301 permits have been issued.

Of the 301 climbing permits for Mt. Manaslu, 236 permits are for male mountaineers and 65 for female mountaineers. Among the permits issued for the 10 climbing peaks for the autumn climbing season, the Manaslu expedition is expected to have the most climbing requests.

An Ideal Peak for Autumn Season

The autumn season starting from September to November is considered to be one of the most ideal seasons for mountain expeditions and other high-altitude adventures in Nepal. The stable climatic conditions, dry trails, and clear days in the autumn season offer some of the most stunning views of unobstructed Himlayan vistas.

Furthermore the mild temperature with gentle chilly breezes during the morning and evening makes it the perfect weather condition for any kind of high-altitude adventure. Similarly, the Manaslu expedition is considered to be a truly exhilarating experience during the autumn season.

Manaslu, An Ideal Peak for Autumn Season
Manaslu, An Ideal Peak for Autumn Season (Source: journeyera)

The temperature of the Manaslu region during the autumn season averages around 12°C to 16°C during the autumn season. Thus the mountaineers don’t have to worry about spiking summer heat or freezing wind of the winter during the expedition, just an ideal environment for the most enjoyable climbing experience.

Rope Fixing Started at Mt. Manaslu

Located in the west-central part of Nepal, Mt. Manaslu is part of the Mansiri Himal range and is now among the top choices for the Himlayan expedition. Considered one of the easier peaks in the 8,000-meter class, Manaslu, one of the tallest snow-clad peaks out of 14 is growing in popularity among the Himalayas mountaineers.

Not only the mountain expeditions, but even the trekking adventure in the region has seen a growing number of tourists in recent years. Just in the July to August season in the country, 627 trekkers have completed their expedition to the Manaslu Conservation Area.

Rope Fixing Started at Mt. Manaslu
Rope Fixing Started at Mt. Manaslu (Source: tripsavvy)

Due to the increase in the popularity of adventures in the Manaslu region and the highest number of permits issued a number for the Himlayan expedition, this spectacular Himlayan peak has been prioritized by the mountaineering association. Out of the 10 peaks, the climbing permits were issued for the 2023 autumn climbing season, fixing rope on the slopes of Mt. Manaslu is already at work.

After the outbreak of the COVID pandemic which significantly reduced the number of tourists in the Himlayan region, this autumn season is seeing a major growth in the number of tourists. With the increase in tourists in the Manaslu region the trekking routes and the teahouses along the trail have started to become more livelier.

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