15 Must Do Outdoor Activities With Your Adventure Partner

It is a known fact that outdoor activities with your adventure partners create more intimacy, boosts happiness level, forges strong bonds, improves communication level, and builds up trust level. It is also the best alternative for an exciting and thrilling getaway instead of a regular vacation idea and sightseeing which sometimes can be really boring.

Outdoor adventure also ignites passion and helps to create fond memories, so whether you are wondering about the best adventure outdoor activities as a beginner or exploring newer fresh perspectives of different adventures in line, here we have prepared a completed list of adventure ideas for couples that you can check out which one is the most ideal for you.

Hiking and Camping

couple Hiking and Camping adventure ideas for couple

When it comes to spending quality time with each other nothing can beat the tranquillity of nature on a solitude path. Hiking and camping are some of the top adventure ideas for couples that are both economical and equally adventurous. As the long walks are considered to be a self-discovery path, hiking amidst natural terrain is known to strengthen the bonding. If you both are avid nature lovers then this should definitely be on your priority list.

It doesn’t have to be an exotic vacation destination, you can just look up the scenic hiking trails and camping destinations nearby. Just make sure that you have trained a little bit so that this amazing outdoor adventure for couples doesn’t feel too burdening. Also don’t forget to pack essentials and bring the right gear, utensils, and entertainment set, It’s also fine if you want to enjoy this adventure disconnecting from technology just enjoying the quiet peaceful serenity of nature under the starry sky.

Best Destinations for Hiking and Camping: New Zealand, Norway, France, Sweden, Germany, Japan, Chile, and Switzerland.

Road Trips

couple Road Trips adventure ideas for couple

The next big thing after hiking and camping in the best adventure ideas for the couples list, the road trips take the second spot. Not only is this a flexible adventure to explore the hidden gems, but it is also a heartwarming adventure that follows the memory lanes alongside the driving route. Including the attraction of your destination, couples will have more than enough time to communicate with each other, understand more about each other, and rewind both sweet and sour memories which overall lets you reconnect and make bonds stronger.

It’s especially a good idea for new couples who have just started dating and looking for ways to learn about each other better. Or, even if you are long-term trying to reconnect and looking for a getaway from the busy family life.

Best Destinations for Road Trips: Iceland, United States, Norway, Ireland, Greece, Sweden, Austria, France, and Spain.

Scuba Diving

scuba diving adventure ideas for couple

Extending the horizon of adventure ideas for couples, scuba diving is another top outdoor sport for adventurous couples. Scuba diving is a wonderful and thrilling adventure that lets you explore life forms from a different perspective. The fascinating vibrant corals, abundant sea life and if you are lucky even the sunken treasure ships, scuba diving is a truly exhilarating experience if you are looking for some thrills as an adventurous couple.

Scuba diving is an ideal adventure idea for couples as it is a perfect way to build teamwork, find a way out of challenges, share an intimate moment, build strong communication bonds, and overall have complete trust, and faith in each other. Understanding more about nature and how you are just a part of a bigger ecosystem and an entire universe as a whole also opens up the path to mindfulness making you grateful toward what you have in life, most importantly the love right next to you.

Best Destinations for Scuba Diving: Palau, Maladies, Belize, Grenada, U.S. Virgin Islands, Saint Lucia and Palau

White Water Rafting

people on blue inflatable raft paddling on river tide, rafting, HD wallpaper

In case you are looking for a bit of adrenaline rush, white water rafting is another popular adventure ideas for couples. This exciting water adventure on the rapid torrents of the river is a purely fun and thrilling sport for the adventurous couple, and the river magic may just recharge the spark in the relationship. Although you don’t need any kind of prior experience to do white water rafting, you should be careful about choosing the grade. There are 1 to 6 grades of white water adventures where 1 grade stands for flat surface and 6 for extreme rapids.

This exhilarating white water adventure is an amazing adrenaline sport that takes you out on the exploration of nature but with a difficulty level at ‘moderate’. If you are serious about this adventure and curious about the safety factors, don’t worry, You will be led by a professional rafting guide so it’s not just a bunch of amateurs in a boat. Plus, for safety, you will always be equipped with a lifejacket, helmet, and fixed ropes (depending on the grade); you can start with the easier grades first to get the hang of it.

Best Destinations for White Water Rafting: Nepal, Argentina, Canada, Fiji, Thailand, India, Ecuador and Costa Rica.

Zip Lining

Zip Lining adventure ideas for couple

Another recreational adventure ideas for couple, Zip lining, is an exciting sport where you ride a freely moving pulley on an inclined cable. You can take it as a unique way to enjoy the aerial views of the surrounding and natural terrains, and perfect getaway for the adventurous couple. Depending on the region and terrain, the zip linings, this thrilling high-altitude adventure can last from several minutes to up to half an hour. If you guys are not scared of heights, this is the legit best idea to relish the allurements of nature from a bird-eye view without the need for highly expensive chartered flights.

There are two ways to do zip lining adventure, you can either do a solo ride or a dual ride on the zipline. As there is a weight limit, the duo seated zipline ride may be only possible for couples who fall under the weight criteria limit, it would not be wise to push luck on this aerial adventure as a simple mishap can be fatal. Follow the guidelines and safety measures provided by the instructor for a safe and enjoyable experience.

Best Destinations for Zip Lining: Canada, Cota Rica, Japan, Italy, United Arab Emirates, Zimbabwe, Croatia, and the United States.

Couple Bungee

Couple Bungee adventure ideas for couple

Moving ahead in the adrenaline rush category, bungee jumping is one of the many outdoor adventure ideas for couples. In this recreational sport, a person is attached to an elastic cord with a safety harness and dives head-first from a tall structure; the structure can be natural or artificial. There are several reasons to try these extreme sports like feeling like a bird or getting over your fear of heights, but you will most probably forget about the reasons after making the jump.

Like the zip-lining adventure, you can also choose to do the bungee jump solo or as a pair. If you are really into this sport and want to try it at least once in your lifetime, you should try it as a couple (considering the weight limit). It is considered to be one of the great ways to overcome fear and build trust and intimacy with your partner.

Best Destinations for Couple Bungee: Nepal, New Zealand, United States, Switzerland, Macao, China and United Kingdom.


Safari adventure ideas for couple

Switching a little farther from the extreme sports, safari is another adventure ideas for couple. There are generally two types of safari adventure, one is a regular safari which explores the wildlife, birdlife, and natural terrain of a certain destination. Whereas, the other one, ‘hunting safari ‘ a.k.a ‘trophy hunt’ is a similar recreational sport where you like the name suggests, you hunt and shoot animals. If you are a nature lover, then this might be an exciting vacation idea, learning more about a completely new ecosystem, diverse flora and fauna of the region, and of course, immersing in the local culture and tradition.

You get to explore the untamed natural terrains, where the wildlife is at its natural shell, A safari is a wonderful opportunity to understand how diverse and vast nature is. If you are interested, you can also do a specialized safari like exploring the inhabitants of a particular wildlife or birdlife. Just find out the right season for the safari so you can enjoy the best value experience in your romantic respite.

Best Destinations for Safari: Tanzania, South Africa, Kenya, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, and Malawi.

Paddle Boarding

Paddle Boarding adventure ideas for couple

If you both love water sports but don’t wanna do anything as extreme as white water rafting or scuba diving, then paddle boarding is another suitable adventure ideas for couples. It is pretty much like surfing, but instead of depending on the waves, you will use the paddles for propulsion on the water surface. You can use the paddle boards for standing and rowing, touring white seated or even surfing on the waves, so it is pretty much of 3-1 water adventure that lets you explore the beautiful calm reefs and corals on the sea as well as rivers.

Although there isn’t a 2-in-1 seater facility in this water sport, you can enjoy this guided expedition as a couple to explore the natural allurements of your destination on a relaxed water surface. As for a more adventurous sport, you can use the surfing paddle board to fight the river grade or the ocean waves.

Best Destinations for Paddle Boarding: Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii, Thailand, Costa Rica, The Bahamas, Norway, Caribbean and Fiji.

Hot Air Ballooning

Hot Air Ballooning adventure ideas for couple

Hot air ballooning is another amazing aerial recreational sport where you will fly off on heated hot air enjoying the bird’s eye views of your destination. Although it is not doable throughout the year as you need perfect weather conditions for a safe trip, it is still one of the beloved for the adventurous couple. Hot air ballooning is a unique experience that you should at least try once in your lifetime, flying way over the treeline you will be able to catch a spectacular glimpse of the surrounding region and if done early, the sunrise view is just magical.

The altitude gain can be a little challenging if you have a fear of heights, but nothing is more perfect than enjoying a romantic date in the sky, no luxurious restaurant’s date night can beat that. It is also a perfect adventure ideas for couples, If you are planning to get on your knees and ask her to walk the aisle with you; just don’t tell her to get off if she says she isn’t just ready yet.

Best Destinations for Hot Air Ballooning: Turkey, France, Kenya, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, New Mexico and Myanmar.


Skydiving adventure ideas for couple

Moving along the list with another aerial adventure, this can be a bit of an adrenaline rush as the thrills are pretty real when you jump from a significant height from an airplane, of course, with a parachute. Labeled as the ‘extreme sport ’ this recreational sport is an ideal choice for the adventurous couple who want to level up their game. Like most of the adventure ideas for couples, you can also do this either solo or as a tag team, if you guys are completely new to this adventure, you should stick with guides as only licensed skydivers are permitted to jump with tandem skydivers. It may not seem like much from the face value but maneuvering to the landing destination and landing itself is a pretty complicated part of this aerial adventure.

Yes, it can be a little scary, but the shared experience and incredible story will be something that you will forever treasure. It is also not a year-round sport, you will need the perfect stable weather and ideal wind conditions to do this aerial sport.

Best Destinations for Skydiving: New Zealand, Nepal, Mauritius and Fiji.


Canyoning adventure ideas for couple

Canyoning is another popular water sport for the adventurous couple which is pretty much like rock climbing but instead of rocks, you will be climbing, sliding, and rappelling under the fast-flowing mountain river on a fixed rope. This sport is done on the natural gorges created by the streams with the dramatic cliff drop, like other water adventures, there are also several grades from easy vertical drop-offs to extreme waterfalls and longer drop-off cliffs. This amazing recreational sport lets you discover the hidden gems under the waterfalls, boost your confidence level, relish the overall thrill of the adventure in an isolated region, and of course forge a strong bond with your partner going through all the hardship.

As you will be using several tools like harness, descender, anchor baga, and neoprene, you will need to familiarize yourself with the tools used in this adventure for a safe and enjoyable experience. Although it is a bit more on the moderate extreme side, this is a perfect adventure ideas for couples looking for a little bit of exciting adventure.

Best Destinations for Canyoning: Nepal, Italy, France, Australia, Japan, Germany, Portugal, Indonesia, and Philippines.


parasailing adventure ideas for couple

Parasailing is a gliding recreational sport in which instead of gliding freely in the sky, the glider is attached to the boat running on the water’s surface. It is one of the most popular adventure ideas for couples which is both a water and aerial sport. A specially designed canopy wing parachute is designed for this sport and the person is towed behind the moving boat. Although it is mostly popular as a water adventure, which is both safe and fun, it can also be done with an attached land vehicle.

Unlike other water sports, with limited dual adventure functionality, you will be able to tag along with your partner in this amazing water sport. Although it can still be done solo, two to three people will still be able to do this adventure. You will need perfect weather and wind conditions to do this trek as you will be moving along the fast-moving motorboat above the water’s surface.

Best Destinations for Parasailing: Brazil, United States, Thailand, Australia, India, Mauritius, and Indonesia.


Snowboarding adventure ideas for couple

A little bit diverse from both water and land adventures, this is another thrilling adventure ideas for couples who want to test their skills on the snowy slopes. This winter sport involves sliding down on the snow slopes and standing on the snowboard attached to the feet. Snowboarding is a thrilling adventure on scenic white-clad landscapes best suited for the adventurous couple looking for a vacation during the winter. Although this beautiful adventure doesn’t sport a tag team variant, it is still enjoyable as a couple, and the warm comfort and drinks make this getaway romantic and totally worth it.

There are also several benefits of doing this recreational sport like reducing blood pressure, lowering cholesterol levels, improving sleep, and boosting blood circulation, making it both enjoyable and health-beneficial recreational sport. However, the wait can be long as you will have to for the winter snow for this adventure to be safe and more enjoyable, so you have to stick with other adventurous activities for the imminent couple’s vacation.

Best Destinations for Snowboarding: Japan, Australia, Switzerland, Canada, France, and Austria.

Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking adventure ideas for couple

Mountain biking is a bit of extreme land adventure where you need significant technical skills to maneuver the bicycle on the different kinds of rugged and off-beaten trails on the mountainside. Unlike regular road biking, this thrilling adventure seeks challenges and obstacles on the natural landscapes with frequent winding trails. Although, it is another popular idea for adventure ideas for couples, only hardcore adventurists can pull this off. You will need a great level of skills as even a slight blunder on the mountainside can have very severe consequences.

Recommended for the adventurous couple looking for some thrill on the mountainside, not only this biking adventure connects you with nature but it also has several health benefits and a perfect bonding opportunity with your partner and family. Dry seasons with mild temperatures are the best-suited time for this mountain adventure.

Best Destinations for Mountain Biking: France, Canada, Norway, Australia, Germany, Italy, New Zealand and Thailand.

Horseback Riding

Horseback Riding adventure ideas for couple

Horseback riding is another unique adventure ideas for couples that lets you enjoy and appreciate the outdoor scenery. This built-in immersive activity lets you enjoy each other’s company when you relish the scenic beauty of nature and overall is the perfect date night, pulling the curtain at the spectacular sunset view. Although two people can ride on a single horse, it isn’t recommended as the unbalanced weight distribution can injure the horse.

Even if you are completely new to horseriding, it will be a totally unraveling and exciting experience to strengthen the bond together. As it can be done throughout the year on days with good weather conditions, you don’t have to sit back and wait for the right moment to do this outdoor adventure.

Best Destinations for Horseback Riding: Iceland, Argentina, United States, United Kingdom, Spain, Italy and Mongolia.


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