Mount Kilimanjaro

Tips for climbing Kilimanjaro

Kilimanjaro is the tallest mountain in Africa while also being one of the tallest mountains, or dormant volcanoes in the whole world. Many have ascended Mount Kilimanjaro to this day. However, if you are looking to climb the peak anytime soon, there are a few things that you must remember.

In this article, we have stated all the tips that you will require for climbing Kilimanjaro. Stay tuned till the end to know more.

Tips for climbing Kilimanjaro

Tips for climbing Kilimanjaro

Climbing the highest mountain in Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro, with a height of 5,895 m, needs you to remember a few tips we have listed below!

1. Make sure your health is sound

Anyone who wants to be able to climb Kilimanjaro must know that health conditions, especially respiratory diseases, are not welcome at this peak. Besides this, one must physically prepare himself to ascend the height of 5895 m, which is no joke to a beginner. If you are a mountaineer who has climbed many such reputed mountains, then you might be good to go. However, despite the mildly warm temperature, Mount Kilimanjaro will not be as kind to physically weak people.

2. Take along warm clothes

You cannot neglect that you are traveling to a mountain, regardless of the location. Hence, always wear clothes that will keep you warm throughout your ascent. Moreover, you need to go there wearing enough warm clothes. Taking a few more to layer up as you continue is just as wise.

3. Do not forget to carry enough equipment

Tips for climbing Kilimanjaro

As a mountain climber, you have to carry along equipment that is going to help you climb Kilimanjaro. This equipment may be oxygen cylinders, tents, and climbing poles. Most of all, as you go upwards, you cannot do so without a climbing pole. It will support your body, and your climb will be simplified to a good extent. Likewise, it is impossible to climb a mountain without equipment as such.

4. Loosen up your hiking boots

One of the biggest mistakes a mountaineer can make while climbing Kilimanjaro is they wear new hiking boots. A thing with almost all the new shoes is that it is likely to cause you blisters. And these blisters will stay with you throughout your climb, adding up pain to an already difficult situation. Therefore, it is only wise to break those boots by using them beforehand. Make sure that it is loose and comfortable enough not to cause any blisters or pain when you are on the road climbing the peak.

It is just as important that you loosen up your socks as well. Wearing brand-new socks can be uncomfortable when you are trying to climb Kilimanjaro as it may cramp your feet in the worse way possible. While it is not important for you to rely on your old socks, you can use the socks that you are wearing on the trip at least once before and wash them so that it is easy on your feet.

5. Never forget water bottles

The hike is going to be long and tiring. A mountain climber can never imagine ascending Kilimanjaro without a big enough water bottle to carry along the water. You cannot climb a mountain dehydrated. Hence, hydration plays a big part in helping a mountaineer reach the peak.

6. Don’t panic when symptoms of altitude sickness occur

symptoms of altitude sickness

Altitude sickness is one of the most common issues going up the mountain. When you are suffering from altitude sickness, you need not panic about it. It is natural for people to suffer from altitude sickness as they reach higher while climbing Kilimanjaro. Panicking will worsen your health condition.

7. Learn Swahili

Swahili is a language that the people around Kilimanjaro speak. It is always wise to know a few Swahili phrases when you are climbing Kilimanjaro. This language will bring about a warm air among you and the people in that area, and pleasant greetings will also improve your whole experience of climbing the peak.

8. Take the best possible route

Take the best possible Kilimanjaro route

The Lemosho route, which will take up to 8 days, is possibly one of the shortest and most convenient routes. Similarly, the North Circuit route is not as bad because it takes you a day longer than the Lemosho route but also has fewer people and can be quite as convenient.

However, while choosing the best route, it is almost always better to choose a more common and highly preferred route which happens to be the Lemosho route.

9. Make sure you know you will find wildlife on the way

Mount Kilimanjaro is famous for its wildlife. You are likely to find lots of exotic animals and birds on your way up to the top. This mountain will not stop you from ascending only because wildlife is around. While the lower areas of the mountain have lots of bigger and wilder animals, you will probably find monkeys and other small birds as you ascend.

Most of the animals and birds that you meet on your way up are harmless. However, you always have to watch for monkeys and other such animals. The good news for you, again, is that most of these animals are safe as they have been habituated to being around humans for a long time.

10. Take along some snacks

You are likely to get served at least three times meals from the travel agency you choose. But that is all that you are going to get when you are climbing one of the tallest mountains in the world. It surely becomes very tiring for you, and you become hopelessly hungry. To save yourself, carry along some bite-size snacks. These snacks are going to keep your hunger away to a great extent. Protein bars or packaged cereals are a great way to keep your energy intact while driving your hunger away.

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11. Take the right currency

The only form of currency that you are going to be needing in Tanzania or Mount Kilimanjaro is Tanzanian shillings. The locals in the area might even expect you to tip them. So, you might want to carry along some extra money. Besides this, there is always necessary to use the money whenever you are out and about in a new place and on an entirely new mountain! US dollars or any other form of currency is least likely to work.

12. Wet wipes will be your go-to

Anywhere you go, no matter how cold it is, you will need a packet of wet wipes to wipe away not just your sweat but also the accidental spots you might catch on your skin and clothes while ascending Kilimanjaro. The summit is going to be messy. You should be prepared beforehand when you go up to the mountain at all times. Do not compromise on your hygiene, and take wet wipes along.

These are all the important tips that you will need while climbing Kilimanjaro. Follow these tips to have a peaceful and comfortable journey up to the top!

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