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Victor Brinza, A Moldovan Climber’s Demise In Everest | What Happened?

Moldovan Climber named Victor Brinza breathed his last breath on the route to Everest Summit on May 17.

The sixth death of 2023 on Mount Everest came on May 17, 2023. A Moldovan Climber named Victor Brinza breathed his last breath on the route to Everest Summit on May 17. The climber started his expedition via South Col. and could not complete the summit of the Everest Expedition. It was told that Brinza suffered an illness at a high altitude at South Col., leading to his untimely demise.

South Col. is a steep and sharp ridge between Mount Everest, the first highest, and Mount Lhotse, the fourth-highest peak in the world. Sharp winds, depleted air with low oxygen, and free snow accumulation are some of its drawbacks, which are life-threatening while embarking on the Everest Expedition.Victor Brinza was an integral client from the Himalayan Traverse Adventure, who started his expedition upon arriving at Everest Base Camp. The Himalayan Traverse Adventure deeply overviewed the logistics service and the climbing expedition. As per Yuvraj Khatiwada, the director of the mountaineering section at Nepal’s Department of Tourism,

“Victor Brinza fell sick while pushing for the peak. Efforts are being made to bring his body to the base camp and then airlift it to Kathmandu.”

How Many Have Died In Everest in 2023?

Victor Brinza, A Moldovan Climber's Demise In Everest
Victor Brinza, A Moldovan Climber’s Demise In Everest

So far, around twelve climbers have already lost their lives on Everest in 2023. The major reason for such a high number of deaths within the year’s first half is extreme weather and steep ridges. Themwa Tenzing Sherpa, Lakpa Rita Sherpa, and Badure Sherpa were the first to breathe their last on Everest in the same expedition. Similarly, retired doctor Jonathan Sugarman and Phurba Sherpa from Nepal Army’s Everest Clean Up Campaign lost their life in 2023.

While all the expeditions were done in the peak season of Spring, the weather condition still became the main reason for the tragedy. This year, the weather has become unpredictable compared to the previous ones, featuring heavy rainfall and snowfall in the Himalayan Region of Nepal. This has certainly made the expeditions more challenging to embark on.

Nepalese Authorities have passed on more than 478 permits for Everest Climbing in 2023. It is the highest record of permits allowed in a single year. These licenses were provided in the Spring Season alone. However, it also came with several drawbacks. Around 12 mountaineers have already lost their lives during the Everest Expedition. Climbers from 65 countries and regions have received these permits.

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Reflecting on Risk and Responsibility

Everest Avalanche Death and Three Sherpa Guide Missing On Everest

Reflecting on risk and responsibility should be crucial for understanding climbers’ challenges during the expedition. Similarly, it is essential to ensure the climber’s safety and essential steps to take safety measures. Everest Region poses several natural hazards like extreme weather and climate conditions, as altitude-related issues like AMS (Acute Mountain Sickness), HACE (High Altitude Celebral Edema), and HAPE (High Altitude Pulmonary Edema).

The climbing authorities are vocal about providing immense support and help for the Everest Expeditions. Comprehensive planning and implementing effective emergency response strategies also fall under the support, which has been done for years.

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