Angie Scarth-Johnson: First Australian Female To Climb Victimas Perez 9a

Angie Scarth Johnson is one of the youngest climbers from Australia. She was born and raised in Australia and has been pursuing her career as an adventurer from her hometown, Canberra. She had always been an enthusiast in climbing trees and engaging herself in adventurous activities since she was a young girl. With time, she became the first Australian female, who is also the youngest, to climb Victimas Perez 9a. Johnson is basically the prodigy of rock climbing, not just in Australia but in the world.

There are several interesting facts about Angie Scarth Johnson that are going to interest you. Make sure you read till the end of this article to know more!

Who is Angie Scarth Johnson?

Who is Angie Scarth Johnson

Angie Scarth Johnson is one of Australia’s youngest rock climbing prodigies. Scarth was born in 2004 in Canberra, Australia. Given the young girl lived in the Blue Mountains early on in her life, she holds a very close connection to it. Moreover, Angie also trained at Blackheath and Mount Victoria at a very young age.

It did not take long for her family to recognize her talent. She had been engaging herself in climbing activities from the time she was only seven years old. Johnson had not discovered her love for rock climbing at the time. However, as an active little girl, she was always climbing trees. Unfortunately, she fell from a tree, which put a stop to her tree-climbing sessions.

However, her father did not want to stop her ambitions as a diligent climber. Hence, he took her to a local rock climbing gym. Her love for climbing turned into an insatiable passion with time. It It was never too hard for Johnson to get along with everyone else in the world of adventure because she had always been pretty extroverted. Likewise, she also loves interacting with people from different cultures and places in the world which has only made it simpler for the Aussie girl to get along with others in different countries and places that she goes for her climbing feats. From infancy to being a young adult, she has never stopped her journey and passion for climbing.

Scarth, in the rock climbing world, is best known for spending six months a year in the Blue Mountains. The location is popular as the center of Australian rock climbing. For those who are mountain enthusiasts and know the places in Australia, you may know how prominent the destination is. Johnson has several other accomplishments that she has achieved at a very young age in her life.

As of the present time, Angie is living in Europe, though she was born and brought up in Australia. The young rock climber is connecting to her Spanish heritage while also training at the hardest and grandest possible routes there.

Angie Scarth Johnson’s Accomplishments

Angie Scarth Johnson's Accomplishments

Scarth started climbing trees at a very young age and started training at a local rock climbing gym at seven years old. She led a Grade 31 climb – ‘Swingline’ at Red River Gorge, USA, and became the youngest person to do so at just the age of nine years old. It only took her a year to become the youngest person to send a grade 32/33 — ‘Welcome to Tijuana’ in Rodellar, Spain. She was only ten years old at the time.

One of her grandest accomplishments remains the time in 2021 when she became the first woman to ever climb a grade 35/9a on Victimas del Futur. It took her less than a year, precisely speaking, only nine months to climb Victimas Perez (grade 35/9a) in Margalef, Spain. Her former climb is no less than a thrill-creating adventure. The route is known to make even the most experienced climbers sweat.

When in France, she also climbed Pornographie 9a (35) the same year as she did Victimas Perez. The rock is also one of the most well-considered rocks among adventurers in France.

There has not been anyone as young as her, or as young as she had been at the time of her initial accomplishments, who has come forward to break her records yet. Therefore, Johnson remains one of the most influential adventurers of all time, even though she has not been around for as long as some experienced and older rock climbers.

Angie Scarth Johnson – Inspiring Young Climbers All Around the World

Angie Scarth Johnson - Inspiring Young Climbers All Around the World

Angie’s achievements and bravery are spread out as a word of influence not just in America or Europe but throughout the world. With the passing of time, she has only been doing better than ever and going on all the more amazing routes and places beyond Australia and Spain. She has appeared in numerous films to this date. Furthermore, as the number-ranked junior climber in the world, Johnson has been inspiring the world with her exceptional skills.

Her film Momentum has to be one that is going to bring forth the most spark in days to come. With an age so young yet abilities so strong, she has been taking over the climbing universe like no other. She travels the world for around six months while focusing the other six months of the year on rock climbing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Angie Scarth Johnson

How old is Angie Scarth Johnson?

Angie Scarth Johnson will be 19 years old in 2023.

How tall is Angie Scarth Johnson?

Angie Scarth Johnson is 159cm tall.

Who are Angie Scarth Johnson’s parents?

Claudia Lopez, a social worker, and Tek Scarth-Johnson, a plumber, are the parents of Angie Scarth Johnson.

How old was Angie Scarth Johnson when she became the world’s youngest climber?

Angie Scarth Johnson was only nine years old when she became the world’s number one junior climber.

Where does Angie Scarth Johnson live?

Angie Scarth Johnson lives in Europe as of 2023. However, she makes sure to stay in the Blue Mountains in Canberra for six months yearly.

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