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Australian Climber Jason Bernard Kennison Died Near Balcony Region

10th climber to lose his life on the tallest peak in the world

Mount Everest is no wonder a thrilling yet risky peak in the world to conquer. More than 310 people have already lost their lives (per the report of July 2022). There has been a significant increase in the death rate in Everest this year, bringing twelve more dead bodies to the region. This is a record-breaking mortality rate on Everest, out of which 8 deaths came in May 2023 alone. Australian Climber Jason Bernard was the 10th climber to lose his life on the tallest peak in the world.

Here is what happened to him:

Australian Climber Jason Bernard Kennison Died Near Balcony | What Was The Reason?

10th climber to lose his life on the tallest peak in the world.

The main reason for Jason Bernard’s death was health hazards caused by high altitude and extreme weather conditions. On May 21, Bernard led his final summit push to the top of Everest from Camp IV, but who had imagined he could end up dying? Reports cited that the Australian climber from Perth became unresponsive at the summit after the exhausting climb.

Jason, whose full name is Jason Bernard Kenning, initiated his Everest Expedition from Asian Trekking. His health condition started deteriorating after reaching the South Summit, sources claimed. He needed an immediate evacuation which two professional Sherpas did. He was eventually brought down to the balcony region of Everest; however, after reaching Camp IV, he did not move and went unconscious. The rescue teams tried to help him by bringing back the oxygen cylinders from Camp IV, but everything went in vain. The extreme weather and the storm were the main reason Sherpas could not find any immediate support to help the climber. He eventually died in a balcony area of the Everest.

Jason Bernard Kennison Training For Everest Expedition in Perth, Australia
Jason Bernard Kennison Training For Everest Expedition in Perth, Australia

Regarding the demise of Bernard, Asian Trekking chief Dawa Steven Sherpa said, “Since the oxygen cylinders that they had with them were running out, they decided to descend to Camp 4 hoping to climb back again with oxygen cylinders to rescue him.’

Similarly, Bernard’s family also released a statement stating that he had conquered the everlasting dream of his life. “He achieved his goal of reaching the peak as he stood on top of this world but sadly didn’t come home. They wrote that he was the most courageous, adventurous human we knew, and he will be forever missed.

Jason Bernard Kenning Is A Car Crash Survivor

Car Crash Survivor Jason Bernard Kennison Dies in Balcony Region of Everest

In 2006, Jason Bernard Kenning suffered a tragic car crash, leaving him badly injured. Following the mishap, he suffered from a severe spinal cord injury and a devastating struggle with trauma and depression. The doctors even told Bernard’s family that he might never walk again after such a bad car accident. However, he was not within the groups of people who would give up easily. Eventually, he stood up against the odds, leaving his crutches behind and progressing physically and mentally.

Besides he also used his Everest Expedition to raise funds for Spinal Cord Injuries Australia. He initiated the Just Giving Page and shared the story of his determination to climb Mount Everest. Three years back, he underwent another Spinal Cord surgery, putting him in rehabilitation for several months. On the page, he wrote, ‘Someone close to me convinced me that I was still capable of doing anything I wanted.’

Moreover, he had also given the notion of his Everest Expedition in 2023. He wrote that he would visit Nepal in 2023 to see and be on Mount Everest. He mentioned that it was an ambitious move to escape the dark and depressed days of his life. However, he never returned alive.

This does not mean that Jason Bernard Kennison did not take any preparatory measures. Before embarking on the Everest Expedition, he attended a mountaineering course in New Zealand. Also, he was actively engaged in rock climbing and had set up training sessions in his backyard for different activities, such as ladder crossing, jumaring, and roping.

Following his death, his family seeks support from The Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

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