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Best Places To See Tigers In Nepal

Tigers are one of the most magnificent animals that you can find in Nepal. There are many places in Nepal where you can see tigers up close. However, while there is a great presence of tigers, the sightings are not always guaranteed as these creatures do not come out just any time of the day or night. One would be lucky if he gets to see a tiger out in the places that we have mentioned in this article.

Hence, if you want to know the best places to see tigers in Nepal, make sure to read till the end!

Can you see tigers in Nepal?

Can you see tigers in Nepal?

Yes, there are many places in Nepal that have the residence of tigers. Tigers are very often found in protected national parks and are the only zoo in Nepal. Likewise, in many rural places of Nepal, there have been sightings of tigers, even in the residential areas. But, if you are looking forward to seeing tigers in Nepal, then there is a bunch of places that can be the best choices for you.

Some of them are the Central Zoo, Bardiya national park, Chitwan national park, Parsa wildlife reserve, Shuklaphanta national park, etc. While seeing a tiger out in the wild without any restrictions is almost impossible and unsafe, seeing them in these protected areas is much safer and might actually give you a lifetime experience. Keep in mind, whatsoever, that tigers in the national parks and protected areas of Nepal aren’t always in a visible distance, and even these protected areas have some spaces that work as hiding for the animal.

Here is a list of the best places to see tigers in Nepal!

1. The Central Zoo

Tiger in The Central Zoo

The Central Zoo is located in Kathmandu Valley. It is one of the most visited places in the valley and lies at the heart of Nepal. The zoo is open to everyone, and one really does not have to make a lot of effort to get an entrance inside the zoo besides paying a small amount for the ticket. Apart from all the animals, the tigers in the zoo are kept in more isolated den-like areas. These tigers are often spotted resting in their spots and walking around. You will see a lot of visitors around this area who are eager to look at the tigers.

The tigers can be viewed from a certain and safe height here. The ferocious beasts are at a much lower height and farther distance than the visitors, and there are cages and gates which restrict the tigers from coming out of their captivity.

2. Chitwan National Park

 Chitwan National Park

Chitwan national park is one of the oldest and most popular national parks in Nepal located in Sauraha, Chitwan. The park has always been famous for the great number of animals that roam around and are protected in this area. The area of the national park is strictly protected. Hence, the national park has contributed greatly to the protection of the extinction of animals in Nepal.

The species of tiger that you will find in the Chitwan national park is the Bengal Tiger. The Bengal tiger has been protected and has been on the verge of extinction for quite a while. However, the national park has been doing a great job in its preservatory work. Moreover, when you visit the national park at the right hours, you will get a sight of the tigers in the area. There surely are times when due to the restrictions and sometimes, due to the hiding of the tigers, you won’t be able to spot one despite their presence. Taking a jungle safari tour around Chitwan national park is a great way to get a chance to see a tiger!

Therefore, it would not be wrong to say that Chitwan national park is one of the best places to see tigers in Nepal.

3. Bardiya national park

Bardiya national park

Bardiya national park is by far one of the best places in Nepal where you will see tigers. This place has a great number of tigers, and many people all around the world come here to get a sight of tigers every year. The jungle safari in Bardiya national park is quite popular among not just tourists but also Nepalese people as they get to see tigers in the area. Bengal tigers are one of the endangered species in Nepal. But the national park is also one of the protected areas in Nepal that have been keeping up with its work of protecting the most endangered species of tigers in the country.

When you are out on a safari, especially during morning or night hours, you are likely to see a tiger. Likewise, most other times, you might not be as lucky as to spot a tiger as the animals are not out in the park at all times.

4. Parsa wildlife reserve

Parsa wildlife reserve

Parsa wildlife reserve is not located in a sole area but includes Chitwan, Makawanpur, Parsa, and Bara. When in Parsa wildlife reserve, you can get a chance to go to a jungle safari in a jeep. These safaris are very often safe despite the fact that you might get to a dangerous beast somewhere out in the wilds of the reserve.

While this wildlife reserve had been made with the sole aim of protecting animals in Nepal, not many tigers are left as they used to be in the past. However, the reserve has been making active efforts to limit or even restrict just about any activities that may lead to damage to the lives of tigers here. Almost all the places that we have listed in this article have a single species of tiger; the Bengal tiger’s presence and Parsa wildlife reserve are no exception. You might get the chance to see a tiger up close or even from a distance when you visit during the morning or darker hours. However, these tigers are not always out in the wild for everyone to spot them.

5. Shuklaphanta national park

Shuklaphanta national park

Shuklaphanta national park in the Terai region of Nepal is one of the most open places for any visitor who wants to see a tiger in Nepal. This is by far one of the best places to see tigers in Nepal. This protected national park has an estimated number of around 17 tigers at the present time. While the number is limited, there is a great chance that when you visit the national park, you will still have the chance to get a look at Bengal tigers.

It has always been considered safe to keep a distance from these beasts as they are also one of the most dangerous animals on the planet. But getting a safe view from a good distance is not impossible here. When you visit the national park at the right hours, chances are, you will get to see a tiger out in the wild. The likelihood of catching sight of a tiger is not always high, though. You will definitely have a hard time finding a tiger up close when you visit the national park at busy hours. Though the tigers are wild as can be, a large number of visitors have often been known to intimidate animals in the national park.

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