Extreme Skier Christophe Henry And Juan Senoret’s Death On Volcan Puntiagudo In Chile

The skiing and mountaineering community was shocked by the tragic death of Christophe Henry and Juan Senoret on October 11 2023. Christophe and Senoret were skiing in Volcan Puntiagudo in Chilean Andes where they met with such tragedy. Both of them were proficient in their fields. Initial reports suggested that they were hit by an avalanche but the specifics are lacking. The loss of the two great personalities has done an irreparable damage to the skiing and mountaineering community.

Christophe Henry and Juan Senoret

Christophe Henry and Juan Senoret
Christophe Henry(Left), Juan Señoret (Right)

Christophe Claude Michel Henry, popularly known as Tof, was a French big mountain skier. He was very fast and popular for his bold style on steep, exposed terrain. He began skiing at the age of two. Tof had made a name for himself in his early stages by tackling some of the dangerous challenges. Tof was already skiing with some of the renowned personalities in the skiing community. He redefined the style of steep skiing. He made his mark on the multigenerational legacy of Chamonix alpinism by pioneering new lines and skiing classic one is his fast, bold style. Filled with passion and enthusiasm, Tof would always be keen to spark on a new skiing journey. Henry pushed his limits to the maximum and gave his hundred percent to skiing.

Juan Senoret was also a great and daring person. Known as one of the best mountaineers in Chile, Juan was an extremely talented mountain guide. His brother would usually assist him in his journey. Their popular ascent is the ascent of Cerro Catedral at an altitude of 2,168 metres in the Paine massif in Patagonia. They established a new route in this journey. Juan loved climbing mountains and taking on new challenges.

Christophe Henry and Juan Senoret were friends and they knew each other really well. They both shared a mutual passion for dares and challenges. Patagonia united them and created their bond. Its wild and authentic mountains made both of them excited. They accomplished the first ski descent of the incredibly intricate and gorgeous Colmillo Del Diablo in September 2019. Their skills were put to test and they proved their talent and vision very efficiently in this descent. This would mark the start of many journeys for Christophe Henry and Juan Senoret.

The Adventure of Volcan Puntiagudo

The Adventure of Volcan Puntiagudo

Puntiagudo volcano is located in the Andes mountain range, in the Los Lagos Region, Chile. It rises between the Rupanco and Todos Los Santos lakes, thus bordering the Vicente Perez Rosales National Park.It is a type of conical and high-altitude volcano known as stratovolcano. Its base is made up of a basalt mantle, symmetrically torn by eruption slits. It lies at an altitude of 2,498 m s. n. m. This volcano is known as one of the hardest volcanoes to summit.

United by the love for Puntiagudo, Tof and Juan sorted out their journey to ski Puntiagudo. They packed their equipment and set out to Volcan Puntiagudo. They were also acquainted with Mathurin Vauthier, a mountain photographer.

The start of this adventure was very good for Tof and Juan but as things progressed they could not avoid the disaster that was in front of them. Tof and Juan started to ski down the Volcan Puntiagudo, they were enthusiastic about their approach. They picked the north face of Volcan Puntiagudo to descend and that is when the accident took place. Tof and Juan were skiing simultaneously down a 50-degree slope, stopping just above a short downclimb, when Senoret fell above Henry and began to slide as the sloughing snow around him caused Henry to begin sliding at the same time. Henry and Senoret both slid 200 metres before going off a 150-metre cliff and dying shortly after the heavy impact. They fell to their deaths in a no-fall zone. They were found on the upper flanks of the 2498-metre volcano. Mathurin Vauthier was sitting on a ridge nearby and watching the incident. He was the first person to reach the place of incident but his attempts to administer first aid were unsuccessful. Only a little bit of insights have come forward regarding the incident and the investigation is still going on.

Henry was 38 and Senoret was 36 when they both fell from the volcano and passed away. The Puntiagudo Volcano took away two of the most impressive personalities in the world.


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In case you just missed it:

Tof Henry and Juan Senoret’s Legacy

Tof Henry and Juan Senoret's Legacy

Christophe Henry and Juan Senoret’s legacy in the world of mountaineering and skiing is nothing short of profound, leaving an indelible mark on these communities. These two adventurers were not merely extreme skiers; they were pioneers, visionaries, and inspirational figures who pushed the boundaries of what was considered possible.

Their exceptional skiing skills and relentless pursuit of challenging terrains helped redefine the limits of extreme skiing. They have inspired countless enthusiasts to embrace their passion for the sport and chase their dreams, demonstrating that with unwavering dedication and skill, the most difficult peaks could be conquered.

Henry and Juan’s influence extends far beyond their personal achievements. Their tragic passing serves as a poignant reminder of the risks present in these pursuits. The skiing and mountaineering communities now reflect upon their legacies to promote safety and preparedness, aiming to carry forward their spirit of adventure while ensuring others do so with heightened awareness. In doing so, Christophe Harry and Juan Senoret’s legacy endures as a source of inspiration and guidance for future generations of skiers and mountaineers.


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