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How Did Ang Kami Sherpa Die? Tragic Story of The Camp Cook

Death is unpredictable, and you cannot always blame high altitude and weather conditions for the cause of death on Mount Everest. Sometimes death can occur at a lower altitude too. Well, in the case of Ang Kami Sherpa, the altitude was relatively lower compared to the Death Zone, Camp IV, and Camp II, but it was still higher enough to take climbers’ lives. Ang Kami Sherpa comes as the eleventh man to die on Everest this year, following the list of Tenzing Sherpa, Lakpa Sherpa, Badure Sherpa, Jonathan Sugarman, Phurba Sherpa, Victor Brinza, Xuebin Chen, Ag Askandar Bin Ampuan Yaacub, and Jason Bernard Kennison.

It is a true reflection of the potential hazards of climbing Mount Everest, which can be caused due to factors like extreme weather and climate conditions, altitude, and health issues. While Mount Everest solely stands as one of the targeted peaks to climb by global mountaineers, it is crucial to acknowledge the potential fatalities that come with it. Here is how Ang Kami Sherpa lost his life on Everest.

How Did Ang Kami Sherpa Die? Tragic Story of The Camp Cook

Ang Kami Sherpa was a professional guide/climber in the mountaineering industry for years. However, no one thought he would have died this way. Ang Kami was a camp cook for different expedition teams in the Everest Region. His experience and hospitality had won the hearts of many climbers, making him the lead kitchen staff on May 23.

However, that day turned out to be his last day as he lost his life at Camp II. As per the initial reports, Ang Kami Sherpa died of a fatal fall on a helipad at Camp II. He was helping with the logistics of the expedition team when the mishap happened. No further revelations were made regarding the death of Ang Kami Sherpa. But it came to acknowledgment that he had been transported to Everest Base Camp after the accident.

Why Is The Death Rate So High in Everest in 2023?

Image Source: Tashi Lakpa Sherpa
Image Source: Tashi Lakpa Sherpa

There are no proper answers to this question, but there has indeed been a significant change in the death rate in Everest this year. The numbers have drastically increased compared to the previous ones. The year 2023 has only been in its mid-section, and already 12 climbers have lost their lives.

One of the major reasons for the increasing rate of death records is bad weather and climate condition. In 2023, there have been noticeable changes in the weather pattern in Everest Region, involving snowfall and rainfall. This probably made the navigation more challenging. Similarly, another reason for this is the high altitude. Many deaths occurred in 2023 due to high altitudes, as climbers lost their lives due to altitude sickness, falls, and slippery ridges.

Around 478 Climbing Permits were allowed to climb Mount Everest in Spring Season this year, a record-breaking deal. However, the death rate also significantly aligned with the number of climbers climbing Everest in 2023. There also seems to be a lack of strict preparations and following of do’s and don’ts during the expedition. With that being said, the rescue teams have worked efficiently to bring back the dead bodies of the demised and missing climbers to the lower altitudes.

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