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Kathmandu is the capital city of the country of Himalayas, Nepal. It is located in Asia. The city has an elevation of 4,344 feet (1,324 meters). The elevation of Kathmandu is not as high as to cause someone to suffer from altitude sickness. In fact, though not at the lowest point, Kathmandu is best known for being the busiest city in Nepal. The city is home to a dense population of Nepali people from different castes and backgrounds.

Moreover, Kathmandu also facilitates Nepali people with employment opportunities, tourism, education, and good health care than any other part of the country. Therefore, Kathmandu is at the perfect altitude for a living.

One of the major problems a person who visits Kathmandu from a flight immediately faces is jetlag. It takes time for a person to become accustomed to the altitude of Kathmandu, though it is normal, especially when they are back from a long flight. This is a genuine yet very common problem and can be tackled with no difficulty in less time. Bagmati and Bishnumati rivers, similarly, are the lowest points of the city at an elevation of only 1,280 meters.

Kathmandu Valley Elevation: What all you need to know about Elevation of Kathmandu?

What all you need to know about Kathmandu Elevation or Kathmandu Valley Elevation

Kathmandu Valley is an enormous city with lots of residents. Since the city falls in the mountainous country of Nepal, there is always a possibility of you catching a glimpse of the mountains from the city itself, given the weather is clear. However, you are not as likely to see the mountains at an even higher elevation when you are in the crowded streets of Kathmandu because you won’t find as many spaces to get the view. Terrace from even these street houses, on the other hand, will give you a great view of the mountains.

The capital city of Nepal lies in between the mountains, making it close to a content bowl, the bowl’s round being the mountains. The air in Kathmandu is thinner than the sea, and pollution only makes it worse.

Though not the highest, one of the highest Kathmandu altitudes is the Swoyambhunath stupa. You get to see the view of the entire city when you are here. The elevation of this holy stupa is 1,293m / 4,242 feet. You can reach this location with the help of a cab or even a bus, given you are already living in or visiting Kathmandu.

Though there are several claims about the varying heights of Kathmandu according to different websites and sources, not all of them are accurate.

While Kathmandu city is not the one with the highest elevation, there are locations in the outskirts of the Kathmandu valley with higher elevations, namely Phulchowki (2,795m), Shivapuri (2,732m), Nagarjun (2,825m), and Chandragiri (2,551m).

Which district in Kathmandu Valley has the highest elevation?

Visit the Ancient Bhaktapur City

Kathmandu Valley, in itself, is not a district and includes three different districts, including Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, and Lalitpur. All these locations have different elevation points. Among the three, Bhaktapur has the highest elevation of 1,401 meters (4,596 ft). It is also one of the smallest districts in Nepal.

Similarly, Lalitpur has the second lowest elevation of 1,324 meters (4,344 ft) in Patan and an average of 2,300 meters (7,546 ft) in the south. Kathmandu has the lowest elevation among the three districts, 1,280 meters and 1,340 meters (4,200 ft and 4,396 ft).

Height of Kathmandu Valley from the sea level

Height of Kathmandu Valley from the sea level

The elevation of Kathmandu Valley from the sea level is 1,400 meters. Likewise, the elevation throughout the Kathmandu Valley ranges from 1,280 meters to 2,300 meters.

Once visitors land in Nepal, they first land in Kathmandu’s Tribhuvan International Airport, which is on an average elevation of the Valley.

Nepal’s Average Elevation

1974 Everest Disaster
Mt. Everest (Highest Point On Earth Below Sea Level at 8,848m)

Nepal has the highest elevation in the world because of Mount Everest, the tallest peak in the world. The peak lies at a height of 29,031.69 feet (8,848.86 meters). Similarly, the lowest elevation in Nepal is Jhapa, which has a height of 196.85 feet (60 meters). Navigation of the different elevations is difficult due to the vast difference in them.

Frequently Asked Questions about Kathmandu Elevation(FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions about Kathmandu Elevation(FAQs)

Can you see Mount Everest from Kathmandu?

Yes, Mount Everest is visible from Kathmandu on a clear day from specific viewpoints, especially during spring.

Is Kathmandu the city with the highest elevation in Nepal?

No, Lobuche, at 4,940 meters, is the highest elevation in Nepal.

Is altitude sickness common in Kathmandu?

No, altitude sickness is not common in Kathmandu.

Which is the highest elevation in Kathmandu Valley?

The highest elevation in Kathmandu Valley is Nagarjun Peak at an altitude of 2,825 meters.

Which place in Jhapa has the lowest point in Nepal?

Kechana Kalan at 60m is the lowest point in Nepal.

What are the most popular viewpoints in Kathmandu?

The popular viewpoints of Kathmandu are Chovar, Nagarkot, Kakani, Shivapuri, Daman, Bandipur, Godavari, and Phulchowki.

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