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Nanga Parbat is the world’s ninth-tallest mountain. This is possibly one of the hardest summits to climb for a summiteer. Many mountaineers take along porters and oxygen as supports to climb the mountain. There aren’t many who are successful in summiting this peak without such support. However, history has been made by 24 mountaineers who summitted Nanga Parbat without oxygen.

The team included mountaineers from Norway, Russia, the United States, Switzerland, France, Turkiye, Mexico, Nepal, and Pakistan. One of the most phenomenal and amazing parts about this summit is that a Pakistani summiteer became the first from his country to climb seven above 8000 meters mountains. In this article, we will be cherishing the victory of all the climbers who successfully climbed the Nanga Parbat without oxygen in 2023.

Sajid Ali Sadpara makes history

Sajid Ali Sadpara makes history

Sajid Ali Sadpara is one such mountaineer who successfully submitted the Nanga Parbat without the help of any porters and oxygen. However, he stood out from the other 23 climbers as this summit was his 7th climb to a mountain above 8000 meters. Sajid Ali had climbed the initial six mountains without any support from any porters or oxygen. Sadpara has made a name for himself not only among the people in Pakistan but also people worldwide. He becomes the first person in the whole world to climb all seven 8000-meter-long mountains without any such support.

24 Climbers climb Nanga Parbat without oxygen

Nanga Parbat hardest mountain to climb on earth
Nanga Parbat one of the hardest mountain to climb on earth

Nanga Parbat is one of the tallest mountains in the world. The peak is high at 8126 meters. Twenty-three mountaineers from Seven Summit Trek, along with 3 climbers from another expedition group, became successful in climbing the mountain without any oxygen. These climbers were at the peak of Nanga Parbat on Monday morning, June 26, 2023, between 6:55 am and 9:35 am.

It is a really proud moment for people from the countries of these mountaineers to have accomplished such a victory. There sure has been a bunch of climbers who have climbed mountains high, far, and wide in the world. However, there aren’t many who have successfully done so without the aid of oxygen and porters. These climbers have made a great victory in the history of mount climbing, especially the climb of above 8000 meters.

The accomplishment of Kristin Harila

The accomplishment of Kristin Harila

Kristin Harila made a great accomplishment by climbing nine eight-thousanders within the span of 45 days. He is one of the finest mountaineers from Norway. The Norwegian climber was one of the climbers from Seven Summit Trek. This victory shows how amazing his skills as a mountaineer is. Moreover, Harila has been one of the first people from his country to come this far as a summiteer.

An impressive feat of Sophie Lavaud and Tunc Findik

An impressive feat of Sophie Lavaud and Tunc Findik

A Swedish mountaineer, Sophie Lavaud, and a Turkish mountaineer, Tunc Findik, from the same expedition, became the first ones who climbed all 8000-ers in the whole world. These mountaineers became successful in climbing their last above 8000 meters mountain with Nanga Parbat. The climb marks their last, where they achieve their goal with much dedication and perseverance. The climbers have not only made their respective countries but the whole world proud.


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