Nepali Mountaineer Gelje Sherpa On His Way To Making History

Gelje Sherpa is the youngest Sherpa to go on a winter summit to K2. This Sherpa made history in so many ways. He is only 30 years old but has been on expeditions of the world’s highest peaks, including Mt. Everest and Mt. K2. Along with these, there is a lot more to cherish about Gelje Sherpa.

Gelje is one such young mountaineer who works hard to follow their love of mountain climbing. Hence, there has been many who have been inspired by the ways of this young climber. In this article, we have listed down some of the best achievements and victories of Gelje Sherpa. Stick with us to know more about him!

Youngest Mountaineer on K2 Winter Expedition: Gelje Sherpa

Youngest Mountaineer on K2 Winter Expedition Gelje Sherpa

Gelje Sherpa is the youngest Sherpa who climbed Mount K2 during the winter time at the age of 30. Moreover, in 2021, he was set to climb the tallest mountain in the world, the Mt. Everest. In doing so, he became not just a national hero but also a hero to a fellow foreigner.

Gelje has been passionate about mount climbing from a very young age. When he was raising funds to summit Mt. Everest, he was just only 28 years old. In the same way, Sherpa has been successful in climbing many prestigious and famous peaks in the world.

The young mountaineer started from low ranks. He had to earn as a porter in order to feed his family. He, however, did not let his passion ruin the run for a good livelihood. Instead, he was one to make a living from his passion. The Sherpa asked to join a team when they were climbing up Mt. Kanchenjunga. He did not make it to the peak. Whatsoever, Gelje was able to experience what it is like to climb a mountain above the height of 8000 meters.

In 2017, Sherpa managed to succeed in his first 8000-meter climb to Manaslu. The excited climber shared that he felt like he was “on top of the world” when he climbed the mountain. He also mentioned that he experienced the best time there and felt as if he belonged in the peaks of Manaslu.

Gelje Sherpa Winter Expedition

Gelje Sherpa Winter Expedition

Gelje was a part of the winter expedition, which was led by Nimsdai, Nirmal Purja. “Nimsdai gave me hope. If he could climb 14 mountains in less than a year, I could climb four in a year. If there hadn’t been Covid-19, maybe I would have been able to climb all of them when I was 27.” said Sherpa.

Though Gelje lost his chance of succeeding in climbing 14 peaks above 8000 meters by the age of 27, COVID-19 worked against his favor. In 2020, he did nothing. But 2021 was in his favor, and he became one of the youngest on the team of the winter expedition to K2.

Gelje Sherpa Rescues an Everest Climber without Oxygen

The arduous six-hour rescue by Gelje Sherpa in May came during an especially deadly spring climbing season on the world's highest mountain
The arduous six-hour rescue of Malaysian Climber Ravichandran Tharumalingam by Gelje Sherpa in May came during an especially deadly spring climbing season on the world’s highest mountain

Sherpa is more than just a mount climbing enthusiast. He made a name for himself by saving the life of a fellow Malaysian mount climber. This has to be one of the best things he has done in his work as a porter and a mount climber.

When Gelje was working as a guide on his summit to Everest, his companion and the one he was guiding lost his energy and oxygen at an elevation of more than 27,200 feet. This zone is so dangerous that it has been labeled the “death zone” in the Everest area. The mountaineer saw his Malaysian companion almost pass out. Hence, he became his savior by carrying him on his back and walking for 2-3 hours straight.

The whole thing was filmed, and the footage showed a rather enthusiastic Gelje Sherpa climbing up the peak with the mountaineer on his back. The descent was just as tough. Gelje, alongside his other porter friends, helped pull the sick mountaineer down the peak by wrapping him safely and strapping him up. The victim was soon rushed to the hospital once the expedition was over. It took them about 5-6 hours to carry the sick mountaineer down the mountain.

Gelje Sherpa happily shared that the Malaysian mount climber was very thankful to him, and he showed him his gratitude soon after recovering.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who is Gelje Sherpa?

Gelje Sherpa is a mountaineer and a porter who became one of the youngest to summit K2 in the winter.

Who did Gelje Sherpa save?

Gelje Sherpa saved a Malaysian mountaineer Ravichandran Tharumalingam.

How old is Gelje Sherpa?

Gelje Sherpa is 30 years old.


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