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EBC Trek Day 03: Acclimatization Day in Namche

Acclimatization day was really fun! There were literally a lot of things that I did on the first acclimatization at Namche. Allow me to divide my acclimatization day into several amazing portions:

Namche Bazaar to Everest View Hotel

It was early in the morning that we started hiking uphill from Namche. Today, I had a bowl of banana porridge and a fruit salad for breakfast. The filling breakfast got me into action, maybe, I felt pretty much energetic.

Gun Das, he’d warned me earlier not to wear the base layer thermals. And I was wearing a wind jacket only. A few moments later we begin hiking, I realized why he had said so. Walking uphill, I could feel my body heating and sweating a lot. I unzipped my jacket and I was fine.

There was a big rock, called the aerial viewpoint of Namche (and it definitely was one). From that place, I looked down and there was Namche, exhibiting its amphitheatrical look with Mt. Kongde Ri rising on its foreground.

The trees were reduced in size there (maybe because the terrain was rocky with some loose soil). We hiked uphill enjoying the Himalayan views that were coming into display gradually and miraculously. It was a bit windy as we trekked to higher places.

On the way, we reached a tableland. Gun Das said that was the Syangboche airstrip. Airstrip so dirty and so dusty? I thought. The airport was used by the Helicopter and Pilatus Porter Flight, but the airport isn’t licensed for commercial purposes. To and from the airstrip, the regular helicopters mainly take the lazy travelers or the injured ones.

From Syangboche, we walked northward towards Everest view Hotel. We reached a barren meadow with tiny grass sprouts coming up, and there were amazing Himalayan peaks that were so close. I felt as if this was heaven at that point. From there, the Hotel Everest view is visible. The hotel is the highest placed hotel in the world.

We sat on the balcony of the Everest View Hotel. This was the first time that I was seeing Everest. To those who ask “Can you see Everest from Namche Bazaar?” Yes, you can. In fact, Everest view hotel Namche Bazaar is an incredible viewpoint of Mt. Everest and the other Himalayas in Everest.

I ordered fries and garlic soup for me to adjust to the weather of Namche Bazaar. (I had heard people saying garlic soup is good for altitude). Gun Das ordered his food. The balcony was the best place where a person can have the most scenic breakfast.

I loved the splendid moment at the hotel. After having breakfast, we headed to Syangboche airport. This much of my experience at Hotel Everest view.

Khumjung Village and Monastery

Khumjung Village and Monastery

From the hotel, we made our way to Khumjung village. It was only two of us walking to Khumjung. “ Look! There’s a crow with a red beak”, I shouted loud pointing towards a bird sitting on a tree near us. We saw some other birds also. However, both us didn’t know their names.

The trail descended and there, I saw the Khumjung village with lots of houses all looking alike. I clicked a picture there. We continued walking a downhill trail. “That’s the trail going to Gokyo”, Gun Das pointed a trail at a distance where I could spot some trekkers and their colorful backpacks.

On the way, there was a helipad. This helipad must be for emergency landings, I thought.

The village was beautiful. We headed towards the Khumjung monastery. There were heaps of ice at the shady backyards of the houses. We thought that was snow, but the monks at the monastery said that it isn’t the snow but the frozen hailstorms from two days before.

At the monastery, there were beautiful statues of Buddha. The most interesting thing about the monastery is there is a skull of “Yeti”. Yeti is a mystic creature whose house is in the snow.

We explored the Khumjung village and headed towards Namche. We saw a beautiful stupa on the way. Also, there was a donkey grazing on a field surrounded by stone walls from around.

Exploring Namche Bazaar, the biggest town in Khumbu

After getting back to Namche, I took a few hours’ rests. When it was the evening time, I walked out to take a tour around the bustling town of Namche. The market was full of life with the smiling shopkeepers saying “Namaste!”

At one of the shops, they had knitted hat that I bought. There were cafes, pubs, lodges, and restaurants. I went inside a coffee shop and ordered my americano.

After that, I returned to the hotel. And the refreshing exploration day in Namche was over.

The Next Day:

Day 4: Namche to Tengboche


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