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Namche Bazaar Weather & Temperature

Namche Bazaar, 3400 meters is a stunning travel destination in the Himalayan region of Nepal. Weather in Namche is highly affected by its altitude. The weather remains good mainly in two seasons: Autumn and Spring. In the remaining seasons, the weather becomes quite unstable with unexpected weather changes happening.

Namche Bazaar Weather in September, October, November (Autumn)

Namche Bazaar Weather

September, October and November are the months of Autumn.

Autumn, I’d say is the king of all seasons in terms of weather stability and great visibility. At even such a higher elevation, 3440 meters at Namche Bazaar, the weather remains fairly stable in Autumn.

The weather at Namche Bazaar in Autumn is the best. The surrounding is crisp and clear with great views of the blue sky and amazing Himalayan ranges so near and so clear. There are least chances of rainfall and snowfall.

The temperature is favourable for trekking. November is the coldest autumn month when the temperature will average around 5-degree celsius. During the days, you will be trekking and will not feel so cold. However, the nights are colder; but warm gears, they’ll always save you.

Have a look at the temperature chart of Namche Bazaar in Autumn.

[table id=2 /]

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Namche Bazaar Weather in March, April, May (Spring)

Namche Bazaar in Spring

March, April and May are the months of Spring in Nepal.

Spring is a beautiful time to visit Namche Bazaar. This is the time when different coloured flower blossoms cover the hills and jungles. Also, the temperature and weather during this time will remain calm. The chances of bad weather, unclear atmosphere, cloudy skies, etc are less during this time.

If you are in Namche during Spring, you will see the incredible Himalayan views, blue skies, and clean surrounding. If you trek from Lukla to Namche, you will see lots of Rhododendrons covering the beautiful forests.

March is the coldest month of Spring as it comes right after winter. During the March, nights will be so cold with chances of the temperature dropping down below 0 degrees. But with days, the temperature will rise and Namche becomes warmer.

Here is a table showing the minimum, maximum, and average temperatures at Namche in Spring months. Have a look,

[table id=3 /]

Namche Bazaar Weather in June, July, August (Summer)

namche bazaar

June, July and August are the months of Summer in Nepal.

Summer is the hottest season. Though hottest, Namche doesn’t warm up as much as Kathmandu and other lower regions. In Summer, the temperature in Namche Bazaar averages around 12 to 13 degrees.

Summer means monsoon in Nepal. So, in summer, there are chances of subsequent rainfalls, one after the other. The rugged trails in Namche become wet and slippery. The hikes to Namche or the Everest view hotel will be really tough. Also, the visibility in the air will be poor if it rains.

If you are going Namche Bazaar on a helicopter, it will be affected too. Helicopter flights are cancelled in cases of bad weather conditions.

Here is a table of temperature at Namche in Summer. Have a look,

[table id=1 /]

Namche Bazaar Weather in December, January, February (Winter)

namche in winter


December, January and February are the months for Winter in Nepal.

Winter is the coldest time. You will see snowfalls at Namche in winter. In most of the mornings, you will see the fogs covering the incredible Himalayan vistas. However, the weather opens up with the day. The temperature of Namche Bazaar at night becomes really low. It will drop far below the zero degrees. So, you must gear up with warm clothes during the chilly winter nights and mornings.

Below is a table showing the temperature at Namche in Winter. Have a look.

[table id=4 /]

At Last,

Different seasons at Namche means different experiences. Go in any time of the year, the immensely beautiful Namche Bazar will leave you amazed!

Note: This is the detail of average weather and temperature in Namche Bazar. However, weather can be variable during the time that you are going. So, please check the 10 days Namche Bazar weather before you go. )


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