Everest Diary

Day 4: Namche to Tengboche

Namche Elevation: 3440 meters

Tengboche Elevation: 3867 meters

Namche Bazaar to Tengboche Distance: 9.2 kilometers

Total Trekking Duration: 4 hours

Highlights of EBC Trek Day 04: Namche to Tengboche

  • Breathtaking Himalayan views
  • Tengboche Monastery
  • the thrilling Suspension bridge
  • Tengboche monastery, the biggest in the region
  • Amazing sunset views from Tengboche

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Day 04: Acclimatization Day in Namche

After two awesome nights at Namche, today we head towards Tengboche. Early at 6 am, Gun Das was knocking my door (I’d said we will be starting a bit early tomorrow). But, I took about an hour for a toilet and for breakfast.

It was almost 7 am when we started to trek. We started ascending uphill over the stone steps. When I looked back at Namche after reaching a height, I was literally fascinated. The Himalayas shining bright behind Namche, they looked amazing!

After climbing around 500 steps, we reached the flat trail. Namche to Tengboche is the most scenic trail in the Everest region. Gundas and I walked together. I was enjoying the astounding scenic vistas while folk Nepali songs were playing on his phone.

Walking through the unending ridgeline, you will see the charismatic peaks lining with others making a beautiful panorama. This trail is a common trail for the trekkers going to Everest Base Camp, Gokyo lakes, Island peak, Ama Dablam, and a few others. So, we met lots of trekkers carrying their backpack and walking slowly and gradually.

It was in Spring that I trekked to the Everest Base Camp. SO, the trail was quite busy. Believe me, there was a traffic jam on the trail; not due to buses, cars, or motorcycles, but due to the tourists, herds of animals, porters, and the locals.

At a point on the trail, we met with two old people: an old man and women. There was a chart that was for donation appeal. I dropped some Nepalese currencies on the donation box and we continued to trek.

En route, there is a beautiful chorten with prayer flags hanging. The place was a wonderful place for sightseeing. I could clearly see the mesmerizing Himalayan panorama including some of the high peaks like Mt. Everest, Lhotse, Ama Dablam, Thamserku, and some others. Gun Das, he pointed out the individual peaks for me to know. I was so excited to see Mt. Everest.

Every corner of the trail was an incredible viewpoint. Before Sansa, there are a few lodges where I saw some trekkers were having their Lunch. The place displayed a glorious view of Mt. Thamserku. Gun Das said we will be having our lunch at a hotel in Pungi Thenga. Thus, we continued to trek.

Sansa is the junction of EBC and Gokyo lake trek. At Sansa, I saw a board indicating Gokyo lakes this way with an arrow at Sansa. We continued through the EBC trail. The trail dipped sharply from Sansa to Pungi Thanga.

At Pungi Thanga, we met the rustling Dudh Kosi river. And there was a suspension bridge there. We crossed the suspension bridge (which was scary, of course!). We had our lunch at a riverside hotel there. For lunch, I ordered egg noodles. The noodle was like Chowmein. It was tasty and filling. Gun Das ordered Dal-rice for him. We sat together and ate.

After having lunch, we started again. There were some water-driven prayer wheels on the side of the trail. There was a checkpoint at the foot of the “final uphill to Tengboche”. Gun Das verified my permits as I waited for him at a distance.

After a few minutes from there, we saw two Himalayan Thars that passed from a closer distance. I started sweating as we climbed the uphill trail. The trail was dusty, I covered my nose and mouth as I climbed. Gun Das, though he was carrying such a heavy load managed to walk with me. (Of course, I was walking slow.)

Trekkers were lining on the trail and were moving slowly. But I saw some porters who were taking really steep and risky shortcuts managing not to hurt themselves and damage their loads. We took the main trail and continued.

There was a resting point where all the trekkers and porters rested. We took a short break there and continued to trek. The trail was dusty. I saw the loose soil was rising when the trekker’s boots hit the ground.

Gun Das reminded me at intervals to drink water. He and his folk songs, I was already getting habitual to both. Continuing to walk, we will finally reach a gate; the entrance to Tengboche. “Finally! The hard work for today is done.”, I said to myself.

Tengboche is a wide pastoral land with a wonderful monastery, the Tengboche monastery and 5 to 6 teahouses. We stayed at Tashi Delek. After checking into the hotel, I drank a cup of mint tea and took a relaxing hot shower.

In the afternoon, Gun Das and I walked to the Tengboche monastery. The monastery looks amazing. Inside the monastery, there were Buddhist priests, Lamas, reading their prayers and chants. The moments inside the monastery, they were spiritual.

From the backyard of the monastery, we observed an incredible sunset view over the panoramic Himalayan range. Gun Das showed me the Gokyo trekking trail on the next mountain from there. After spending a splendid time there, we returned to the hotel.

It was dinner time; a hot dinner and a comfy sleep. That was all for the day.

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