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EBC Trek Day 5: Tengboche to Dingboche

Tengboche Altitude: 3870 meters

Dingboche Altitude: 4410 meters

Trek Duration: 4 hours

Highlights of EBC Trek Day 05: Tengboche to Dingboche

  • The Tengboche monastery
  • Amazing Himalayan vistas
  • Exotic viewpoints of incredible beautiful Himalayas
  • A beautiful village in Dingboche

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Day 4: Namche to Tengboche

I woke up warm inside my sleeping bag on a cold morning in Tengboche. Tengboche is cold. There are some trekkers who walk to Pangboche (a fifteen minuted descend from Tengboche saying it is warmer there).

So, what when you wake up? Bathroom, breakfast, and set off on the trekking trails. This is what I did every day on my 12 days Everest base camp trek. Gun Das and I, we set off on the trekking trail towards Dingboche.

The trail descended through a dusty forested trail to the village at Pangboche. Walking ahead of Pangboche village, the trail brings a climb. I was drinking water from time to time and was stopping looking at the sceneries. En route, we met with several Yak herds. I had to wait for them to pass for more than 10 times the whole day. And the traffic due to trekkers, “Oh god! I want to pass all these and walk alone”. This came to my mind simultaneously.

Tengboche to Dingboche

Ahead of us, there was a river. Crossing a river during Everest base camp trek had a meaning. Followed by it is another climb. Climbing sections were really tough. Short breathes, sweat dripping off the whole body, climbing was exhilarating. Even now when I remember them, I kinda hate them.

After the climb, there was a vantage point from where we could see exotic views of Mt. Ama Dablam. After a tough climb, there was a heavenly view and whiff of air waiting to refresh you. I really needed some refreshment. I was feeling like I’d been lingering too much on this day. (Maybe because there was this fear of “altitude sickness” on my mind that was checking my speed).

From there, the trail gently ascended for more than 30 minutes (for me). And there was Dingboche village. Dingboche was a beautiful village, unlike Tengboche where there were only a monastery and a few lodges. It felt good to see such a big settlement sustaining at an altitude of 4,000+ meters. (there was nothing near except for the giant Himalayas and arid land around)

We checked into a lodge in Dingboche. I was really tired. I warmed myself sitting in the dining hall (where they had heaters or stoves to heat the hall). I connected my mobile with wifi (i paid NPR 500 per hour for using wifi).

After filling my appetite with hot dinner, it was time for bed. Tengboche to Dingboche was a day to remember. The journey from Tengboche Monastery to Dingboche was amazing. Though the trails were tough at times, I did it. There was a sort of satisfaction because somewhere in mind I knew that I will be missing days like this once I return home.

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