How Many Countries Can Japan Passport Enter Without Visa?

The Japanese passport is famous for being one of the strongest passports in the entire world. Anyone who holds a Japanese passport is considered to be privileged due to the Japanese passport’s strength, several grants, and comparatively simple visa process.

This privilege has allowed Japanese people to get the benefit of traveling to many places around the globe without having to go through the tedious and long visa process. Japanese passport holders get open to several opportunities to travel to some of the most sought-after and beautiful places in the world without having to struggle much.

Each of these places provides a different but captivating stay as a tourist. These visa-free countries for Japanese passport holders allow the Japanese population to enjoy their vacation without having to go through visa and passport struggles.

Whether it is your first solo trip or a honeymoon trip, these places host an array of activities for every kind of traveler easier if you are from Japan.

In this article, we have made a list of top visa-free countries for Japanese passport holders!

The list goes:

South Korea

South Korea

South Korea and Japan are neighboring nations. South Korea is located just a sea away from its neighbor Japan. So it is likely that South Korea is the easiest location as a visa-free country for Japanese passport holders.

If we look at the history of East Asia, we can find that Japan and Korea not just are friends by geography but in fact, they have a long history of cultural and traditional connection and exchange. This makes it easier for Japanese people to travel across the country of South Korea.

What to do in South Korea?

The major attraction for South Korea is its culture and the history behind its culture and even better is the fact that South Korea has mastered the ability to blend their rich culture with the booming modern society.

Japanese travelers visiting South Korea are welcomed by the rich heritage and culture but with a touch of modernity. When a traveler enters South Korea, they get to see the wonderful mix of the past and present. Whether it be centuries old villages and towns or modern bustling cities.

For history buffs, South Korea offers a heaven. It has some of the most amazing places waiting to be explored. In the capital city of Korea called Seoul there is a beautiful part of history called Gyeongbokgung Palace.

When you enter the palace, it feels like you are back in time, centuries back.The campus of the palace is filled with grand buildings that showcase the rich culture. It also has beautiful gardens for tourists to sit and enjoy. It also hosts some ceremonies at certain times of the day for tourists to watch and enjoy.

We can not talk about South Korea without mentioning its bustling markets. South Korea’s markets are super fun. For those who are shopping enthusiasts and believe in retail therapy, there are markets like Namdaemun Market and Gwangjang Market in the hearts of the capital city, Seoul.

The markets are filled with unique artifacts and affordable clothings. The most exciting part being the captivating street food to taste a piece of culture. Korean corndogs have made their way throughout the world. These corndogs are made of potatoes and corn and are filled with a layer of cheese.

This street food has caused a stir amongst foodies across the world. Other street foods like the spicy Korean chicken fries and the most famous Korean noodles commonly known as ‘Ramyuns’, famous for being spicy and delicious. Another famous part of the cuisine is the infamous Kimchi which is a fermented pickle made of cabbage and scallops.

After exploring Seoul, tourists can go for a peaceful escape to the countryside of South Korea. There are centuries old beautiful temples like Beomeosa in another famous place called Busan.

Cities like these are a solace for tourists who seek peaceful travel. You can visit majestic architecture and beautiful gardens.

As we conclude, we can see that South Korea is truly one of the top visa free countries for Japanese passport holders.



Singapore is also a country in the Asian continent and is a Japan-passport visa free country. In the recent years, Singapore’s tourism industry has boomed and rightfully so.

One of the major aspects of Singapore’s tourism is how seamlessly the modernity and age old traditions blend beautifully together. When a tourist travels to Singapore, they are warmly welcomed by an array of diversity in the tourism industry. A traveler can choose from a variety of options to enjoy. Be it the modern cities with new technologies taking over or beautiful laid back cities with greeneries and sceneries.

What to do in Singapore?

For those wanting to explore the historical side of Singapore, get ready for some feast to the eyes. Amidst the heart of the city, one can find a historical region called Chinatown. Chinatown is a beautiful place which is a home to ancient age old temples and traditional shops.

These temples and traditional shops provide a deep dive into the area’s multicultural tradition and rich heritage. The streets there are filled with vibrant and attractive colors. These colors represent the essence of the past. It also showcases the glimpse into the life of immigrants from China.

The culture of Singapore is diverse. There are multiple neighborhoods in the city like Little India. Little India is a neighborhood that indulges the tourists into the culture of Indian traditions. You can try delicious Indian food and can shop in Indian shops.

Another such neighborhood is Kampong Glam, it is a Malay neighborhood that provides a glimpse into the rich culture of the Malayasians and their lifestyle. As soon as you enter these neighborhoods your nose can smell the aroma of delicious spices in the food and bustling and colorful markets and little shops to shop from. The clothes and textiles found here are affordable and showcase some cultural aspects of each culture.

Singapore is also renowned for its iconic landmarks and modern architecture. There is a place called Marina Bay Sands Resorts which is a beautiful pool on a rooftop that provides a breathtaking view of the gardens and the city. It is truly a part of luxury tourism if you are on a high budget. The modern urban lifestyle of Singapore is also shown by other beautiful places like Supertree Grove and cloud forest.

Not to forget Singapore’s cuisine. The city is a dream for every foodie. One of the most famous foods is the infamous Hainanese chicken rice made of delicious chicken and filled with lots of spices. In the desserts category, there are some delicious sweets like traditional Kueh.

If you are looking for a nature getaway, there are places like Bukit Timah Nature Reserve and other such botanical gardens.

Singapore truly is one of the best visa-free countries for Japanese passport holders.



Malaysia is an attractive country that has a beautiful culture. It is an appealing choice as a visa free country for Japanese passport holders.

The reason that makes Malaysia the beauty it is now is its beautiful culture. The culture is incredibly diverse. The country can truly be called a melting pot. It is filled with immigrants from many parts of Asis like China, India and other indigenous culture.

What to do in Malaysia?

First off, the food scene in Malaysia is off the charts. You gotta try all the tasty treats like spicy noodles, flatbread called “roti,” and some rice with coconut called “nasi lemak.” Trust me; your taste buds will be having a party!

If you’re someone who loves being out in nature and enjoying breathtaking views, Malaysia has got you covered, no doubt! You can go for a hike in the rainforests or just kick back and relax in the tea fields up in the Cameron Highlands.

Langkawi, this awesome island in Malaysia, has some seriously amazing ones.Now, you’ve got tons of options here. There are beautiful islands like Langkawi and Penang. These islands allow you to enjoy their beautiful beaches where you can chill and enjoy or if you are adventurous, you can try water sports as well.

Malaysia allows tourists to enjoy its rich and ancient rain forests where you can enjoy trekking and wildlife spotting. The cruise enjoyers have good news as Malaysian companies run various memorable cruise trips.

The caves of Malaysia are extremely popular. Tourists can visit many of these caves like Batu Caves and Gua Tempurung.

Malaysia is a beautiful country with a mix of nature and culture where you can have a memorable trip.



Thailand is another country in Asia that Japanese passport holders can visit without needing a visa.When you go there, you’re welcomed warmly and have lots of different stuff to choose from. You can go to cities with the newest tech or relax in chill places with lots of nature.

Thailand holds a special charm for Japanese passport holders as visa free travel destinations. The beauty and culture of Thailand makes it one of the top visa free countries for Japanese passport holders.

What to do in Thailand?

If you are a traveler that enjoys exploring the history and culture of the place, Thailand has got you covered. In the city of Bangkok there are various neighborhoods and communities that represent their respective cultures and the heritage they belong to. You can find an array of distinctive culture including Chinese influences. There are various places in the city which will remind you of India and Indian culture.

You can visit and explore a beautiful place called Yaowarat Road located in Bangkok. Yaowarat road is famous for its mix of Chinese and Thai heritage. The streets have delicious street food waiting for you to binge on. Do not forget the markets where you can buy affordable clothing items.

The street food of Thailand is extremely famous for being spicy and delicious. You have to try dishes like Pad Thai or the spicy green curry. For desserts you can have sticky mango rice. The big cities like Bangkok and Chiang Mai have mastered the art of food.

In Thailand, you can take boats to places like Damnoen Saduak or Amphawa. These places are local markets that sell affordable hand made artifacts and tasty food.

We cannot talk about Thailand without mentioning its beaches. Thailand is home to some of the world’s beautiful islands and beaches. Places like Phuket or Phi Phi Islands are the top in this game. They are the most famous ones out there and rightfully so. These beaches offer beautiful scenery where you can relax and take some of the best pictures for your social media.

Tourists are also welcomed in the national parks of Thailand. There are many beautiful ones like Khao Sok, Erawan or Doi Inthanon. These national parks promise you the time of your life with beautiful nature and wildlife tourism.

Elephant breeding and tourism is extremely famous in Thailand. So make sure you visit one of their ethical elephant sanctuaries and spend time with them.

The night scene in Bangkok is really happening and famous. There are many party clubs in Bangkok where you can enjoy the music and dance along with some drinks and make new peers.

Thailand has a lot to offer for tourists of every age group making it one of the best travel spots as a top visa free country for Japanese passport holders.


Bali- Indonesia Best Places To Travel In Your 20s On A Budget

Indonesia is yet another tourist gem in the Southeast Asian lands. It is a remarkable tourist destination for Japanese passport holders. You can stay in Indonesia for up to 30 days without a visa if you have a Japanese passport.

Indonesia is a tropical paradise offering an array of activities to indulge and and enjoy .

What to do in Indonesia?

What makes Indonesia so damn famous is its beaches. Especially the renowned city of Bali. Bali is a home to various breathtaking beaches like Kuta, Seminyak and Nusa Dua. These beaches can get crowded but it is for a reason. These beaches are beautiful and also offer water activities and sports.

If you are more into the cultural side of Indonesia, you can visit some majestic temples which are centuries old. For example Uluwatu Temple in Bali or Borobudur Temple in Yogyakarta. These places are also UNESCO World heritage sites.

If you are an adventure junkie, Indonesia is the place for you. You can explore coral reefs and the captivating marine life in places like Gili Islands and Raja Ampat via numerous diving and snorkeling activities.

Indonesian culture is beautiful. When in Indonesia, you should enjoy with the locals, celebrate their festivals and get your hands on their cultural food. Nasi Goreng is a very famous cultural food out there. Other famous street foods are Satay and Rendang.

There are many local markets where you can buy so many beautiful items without having to spend tons of money. There is a place called Ubud in Bali. It is a cultural hub. It is filled with beautiful art galleries and the rich rice terraces. They also have many monkey sanctuaries there.

Indonesia is a beautiful country if you are looking for the perfect getaway. It is one of the best places as one of the visa-free countries for Japanese passport holders.

Visit these beautiful countries on your next trip! Enjoy!

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