Joe’s Valley: Popular Destination For Bouldering In Utah

Joe’s Valley is a famous destination for bouldering in America. It is a colossal concentration of sandstone boulders. The valley is situated on the eastern side of Joe’s Valley Reservoir, which is close to Orangeville, Utah. The three main areas of the valley are the Left Fork, the Right Fork, and New Joe’s. Since the area is famous for bouldering, several people visit there every year. If you are to visit Joe’s Valley, you will come through many other adventurers. The valley has been popular among adrenaline junkies since the mid-1990s. It has been estimated that around 15,000 people visit the Joe’s Valley for bouldering in a single year.

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All you need to know about Joe’s Valley

All you need to know about Joe’s Valley

Joe’s Valley is a bouldering destination that is popular among climbers all around the world. The popular valley lies at an elevation of 6,340 ft. The valley is made up of sandstone concentration. The boulders have been climbed since the nineties, and many people visit the place every year, especially for recreational purposes. Joe’s Valley has been known to have skin-friendly sandstone, which, unlike most other types of stones, doesn’t do any extreme damage to the skin of the climbers.

Similarly, for anyone who does not want to take a walk before making their climb to the stone, you really don’t have to struggle because the distance between the boulders and your car parking is not far at all. It is likely not to take you more than 5 minutes to get to the main location from your car.

How can you get to Joe’s Valley?

How can you get to Joe’s Valley?

Joe’s Valley, located just outside Orangeville, Utah, can be reached within 6 to 7 hours if you start your journey at the Front Range in Colorado. Likewise, the distance is a bit farther if you start in Portland, with around 14 hours of time taken in total.

There aren’t a lot of turns for you to take if you want to reach the valley. You have to take 29 west from Orangeville and take the right to Route 57. You will reach New Joe’s from this route. Going straight and only making turns for the Left and Right forks, you will reach your destination.

Joe’s Valley Weather

Joe’s Valley Weather

Joe’s Valley has moderate weather throughout the year, with the air being mostly warm and even hot during summertime. Likewise, winters are not as cold around the valley. A thing to remember, whatsoever, if you are looking for bouldering activities in Joe’s Valley is that you should not climb the sandstones during the rainy season as there is a great likelihood for you to slip from the slippery stones. There are greater chances of meeting with an accident during the season as rain is quite constant.

It is best to visit the boulders during either spring or fall when neither heat nor rain is heavy.

Joe’s Valley Reservoir

Joe’s Valley Reservoir

Another famous destination for people looking for a recreational weekend is the Joe’s Valley reservoir in the Wasatch Plateau in Central Utah at Emery County. The reservoir is located next to the boulders at an elevation of 7000m. Similarly, the reservoir has a capacity of 62,460 acre-feet and a surface area of 1,170 acres. The storage level, on the other hand, is 966 acre-ft, which is around 131% of normal.

The place is best known for boating, fishing, water skiing, canoeing, and going around with a car on the road trails. The location is preferable for family picnics and a simple weekend getaway as well. Whenever the elevation of the reservoir increases, the wind on the paved roads gets dirty.

Some of the most common fishes found in the Joe’s Valley reservoir are tiger muskie, trophy lake, cutthroat trout, and rainbow trout. Additionally, the weather at Joe’s Valley Reservoir is pretty much the same as that of the Joe’s Valley boulders. The temperature of the water in the lake can range from as high as 43 degrees Fahrenheit to as low as 16 degrees Fahrenheit.

Fishing in Joe’s Valley Reservoir

Fishing in Joe’s Valley Reservoir

A lot of visitors come to the Joe’s Valley reservoir for fishing. You can use a contour map to locate the locations for fishing around the lake, which is going to decrease the time and effort taken. The fishing rules are as common as is with every other lake. One has to keep in mind to troll with downriggers or lead core trolling lines while trying to catch bigger fishes in the lake that are not the ones you find at the surface level but in the deeper places inside the water.

You can use planer boards while fishing, but this is completely optional. Similarly, using spoon lures or flies as bait is a common way to attract both big and small fish. You can also use medium-sized jigging spoons tipped with chub or a night crawler for the purpose. Water Slakes are found deeper into the lake, especially during the summers.

Joe’s Valley Bouldering Festival

Joe’s Valley Bouldering Festival

The Joe’s Valley Bouldering Festival is a popular occasion that happens in the bouldering area during the fall season. This festival is all about inviting climbers from all around the world for a competitive fest. However, besides the competitive factor, everything that goes on at the festival is friendly and safe for all. The event has become a way of fostering positive relationships among climbers. Furthermore, it is a great way for anyone looking for recreation around Utah.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about joes valley bouldering

Where are Joe Valley Reservoir’s fishing spots?

You can fish around Joe’s Valley reservoir from campsites located in sandy juniper oasis.

What city is Joes Valley Reservoir?

Joe’s Valley is right outside Orangeville, Utah, northwest of State Route 29.

Is there sport climbing in Joe’s Valley?

The climbing is found in Left Fork, Right Fork, and New Joe’s.

How deep is Joe’s Valley?

The crest elevation of Joe’s Valley is 7004 ft.

How big is Joe’s Valley Campground?

The Joe’s Valley campground is 1,192 acres.

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