Why Is Nepal The Best Trekking Destination In The World?

Nepal has been one of the top tourist and trekking destinations in the world since the earliest time known. The beautiful country has just so many best trekking destinations that it can be considered a trekking paradise without a second thought. The authenticity of the country will leave one taken aback, and you just can’t deny the fact that the country is possibly one of the most enchanting places on Earth. The trekking locations in Nepal are in great numbers, and there are just so many reasons why Nepal is the best trekking destination in the world.

Nepal’s scenic beauty is far from the internet connection, social media, and the loud and bustling urban culture. When in Nepal, you have to relish every single sight that beautiful country has to offer, and you can do it by trekking through some of the most authentic and highly considered routes in the country.

Make sure to read till the end of this article to learn more about Nepal and its great prospects for tourism and trekking with its many trekking routes!

Towering Mountain Peaks and Breathtaking Natural Scenery

Nepal is known for being the homeland of the tallest mountains in the world. One of the factors that help the country stand out is the Mount Everest. Hundreds of people come to Mount Everest or its base camp area every year for trekking, summiting, and sightseeing. While Everest has the attention of everyone all around the world, there are also some other mountains in Nepal that are yet to be considered by these trekkers and tourists. Almost every other tall mountain in Asia is situated in Nepal. These mountains are safer to climb and have some of the most interesting elements that will prove to be nothing but a trekker’s paradise.

Some of the mountains in Nepal that are extremely suitable for trekking are Mount Annapurna, Mount Kanchenjunga, Mount Cho Oyu, Mount Lhotse, etc. The snow-capped mountains with glacial lakes and icy walls are some spectacles that are not quite present in a lot of places in the world. In Nepal, the Himalayan ranges are one of the most impressive things that trekkers all around the world just can’t ignore. Once a person is up in the mountains, there is nothing but a sense of contentment for them. The panoramic landscapes from not just the summit of these mountains but also from the base camp areas are something no adventurer would want to miss out on.

Unique Flora and Fauna (Biodiversity)

Everest High Passes trek

The flora and fauna in Nepal are kept in conserved areas that restrict just about any visitors. However, anyone who has the pass can visit the reservations without much trouble. A huge number of tourists, as well as Nepali people, visit these conservation areas to experience the uniqueness and beauty of this country. Some of the areas that must be visited in Nepal to come through the most amazing animals and plant species are Sagarmatha National Park, Kanchenjunga Conservation Area, Chitwan National Park, and Manaslu National Park. Some of the rarest animal species are found in these areas. The animals and birds that the conservation areas have been protecting are the ones that have almost gone extinct. One of the best things to know about these protected places is that many animals have been brought back from the verge of going extinct.

Red pandas, Spiny Babblers, Himalayan Musk, Snow leopards, etc., are some rare species of fauna still present in Nepal. Likewise, the country is not backward in its floral aspects either. Nepal has become a homeland for the supply of some of the most important medicinal herbs as well as rare plant species in the world. The nation has almost always been one to rely on natural medications, and needless to say, these traditionally considered medicines and herbs work very well for a lot of conditions and diseases. Moreover, the beautiful plant and flowers are also among some of the rarest in the world and has the potential to attract just about any living being!

Clearly Marked and Well-established trekking Trails

Clearly Marked and Well-established trekking Trails

The trekking trails in Nepal are very famous and have been well marked. This helps ensure that the trekkers are not lost along the way and gives them a sense of direction as to how far their destination is. A lot of areas in Nepal serve as tourist destinations, as well as some of the best areas for tourism. Ghorepani trek, Ghandruk trek, and Mardi Himal trek are three of the most popular treks that attract many trekkers and enthusiasts in the areas throughout the year.

Since the trekking trails are maintained with an aim to attract and keep the trekking activities going, the trails are also very safe to climb. There is almost no way that a person can catch any possibility of fatality when they are trekking in these areas unless they are reckless or not of appropriate age or bodily condition.

Witness Unique Culture And Experience Various Traditions

Unique Sherpa Culture Mani Walls, Monasteries, and Chortens

Nepal offers some of the most unique cultural experiences as the culture of this country differs from the culture of any other place in the world. The culture and traditions include some of the most fascinating factors. There are different ethnicities in Nepal. Every ethnic culture has a different set of traditions, clothing, food, and festivals. The ethnicities include Chhetri, Brahmin, Newar, Tamang, Kirants, etc., in the Hilly area, Sherpas in the Himalayan areas, and Madhesis in the Terai area. All of these ethnicities have their unique traditions, which vary from one another. Trekking to either of these areas will definitely take you through a ride of the most authentic and rare cultures.

Generous and Friendly People Who Are Welcoming By Nature

Generous and Friendly People Who Are Welcoming By Nature

People in Nepal are very generous by nature. There may be countries that restrict people from coming to their territory or where people are defensive about their place. This is not quite the case for Nepal. The people in this country are almost always generous and friendly. Being able to welcome people from abroad makes them feel a need to be inviting, and this trait is prevalent among almost any other Nepali. Whenever a person from a different country approaches a Nepali, they can expect to get honesty and a very warm welcome from their side. Moreover, friendly locals might even go as far as to invite you over to their house for a meal.

With only rare exceptions, you should not be afraid to visit Nepal with safety in mind. Nepalese are generous and friendly by nature.

Trekking Experience With Varied Difficulty Levels

History of Kanchenjunga

Trekking is not an easy subject, and not everyone is able to trek to just about any location. Nepal has some of the easiest as well as some of the toughest trails to trek. The costs of the trek pretty much depend on the difficulty level of the trek as well. You get a wide range of options to choose from if you really want to go trekking in these places. There is almost no such thing as a lack of locations for trekking when you are in Nepal. One can get options to choose from a difficult route that takes a longer time as well as shorter routes of around only 4-5 days which are quite easier to accomplish.

Anyone who has not been on a lot of trekking trips and wants to consider an easier route and trail can consult with their trekking agency or simply take recommendations from the locals. In a lot of the easier trails, there is no necessity for you even to take along a guide. One can simply visit these areas with the help of their own team. Some people even go solo on these treks as they don’t have any restrictions to trek alone on the easier trekking trails.

Similarly, with some restrictions and a lot of difficulties, there are options for people to trek to some of the toughest locations in Nepal. Most of these treks include going through the tallest and wildest of mountains. The mountains are very often fatal and require several guides and porters.

Spiritual Experiences

spiritual experiences in nepal

Nepal is a country with one of the biggest spiritual values in the world. There are many religions that are followed in Nepal, but Hinduism and Buddhism dominate other religions like Muslim, Sikh, Christianity, etc. Hinduism and Buddhism are closely associated with spirituality and finding oneself. Along with cultural newfoundness, you are likely to experience a spiritual journey with yourself when you are in Nepal. From meditating to chanting bhajans and songs to praying in different temples, gumbas, and mosques, you will not be let down in any way. The spiritual beliefs of the people will make sense when you go to visit at least one of the places related to spiritual energy.

The Accommodations And Dining Offer Exceptional Worth.

The Accommodations And Dining Offer Exceptional Worth.

Nepal has some of the cheapest accommodations in the world. If you are on your way to finding a perfect trekking destination with the best food and lodging but you want the journey to remain pocket-friendly, you can simply visit Nepal. The country offers a wide variety of food and great value for lodging as well. You cannot ignore the hospitality of the eateries and hotels in this country. Along with the cheapest prices available to you in just about any place in the world, Nepal also has some of the best services to offer.

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