20 Hilarious And Funny Travel Memes That Will Kick Start Your Travel Rush

Travelling can be very fun, and there is just so much laughter when you are having fun with your friends and family during your time of travel. Memes are the best way to show how a sense of humor can be brilliantly used in order to make people laugh after or during travel. Travelers are mostly very enjoyable and fun people who love to do anything associated with adventure and laughter, and memes are no exception for what they love. Memes can be used to convince someone to travel with you, have more fun, and add to the fun you’re already having.

We have listed a bunch of funny travel memes below that you are not only going to laugh or smile at but also going to relate with to a greater extent, given the fact that you love traveling or you are an active traveler. Stick with us till the end of this article to find a funny travel meme that suits your situation or your sense of humor!

If you’re a solo traveler, you have to see these memes!

Solo traveling is often associated with going on trips or vacations alone. There aren’t many people who talk about homesickness when a person is traveling alone. In fact, one might only feel homesick as long as he does not realize that it is better to be traveling and feeling homesick rather than sitting at home while missing out on traveling. Traveling people are likely to feel this way. There are just so many emotions associated with one traveling alone, and there are just as many memes that will come to your use as a solar traveler. If you like to travel alone, then you might find humor in the following funny travel memes.

What You Don’t Know Won’t Hurt You!

can't be broke meme

Going on trips sure isn’t the cheapest thing you can do. But if you don’t check your bank account, you’ve solved more than half your problems, or have you?

Broke Michael!

Broke Michael!

When it comes to spending your money on travel, you might be Michael here. People might have appreciated you for having kept yourself inside the house during the lockdown but do they also know why you’ve been home throughout that time? Well, better keep that a secret!

Reminiscing bitter moments from COVID

Reminiscing bitter moments from COVID

This might have been you during the time of COVID. The pandemic had really gone off the roof, but it really may not have stopped you if you’re truly in love with traveling. If you’re reading this, we are glad the meme was not applicable to you.

Definitely not a cheapskate! Simply just resourcefulDefinitely not a cheapskate! Simply just resourceful

You have to always make sure that you are reaping the benefits of what you’ve paid for. Paying for something that you’ve not used and taking it home really would not make you a cheapskate, now would it? Instead, you are going to be a resourceful person who knows money!

Relatable much?

Relatable much? travel meme

Not everything labeled “cheap” is cheap when you are on a budget. Make sure to check your bank balance before you book another flight. If you don’t, then the risk is rather worth hurting for!

Might fall, might not

hilarious travel memes that will make your day

Going on a solo trip is not always cost-effective. You suffer sometimes, and you just have to pretend that you’re climbing the stairs of an airplane without an airplane. That’s called finding happiness in the small things.

Heavy load

Funny travel memes

When you are traveling, you cannot rely on light baggage; instead, carry something heavy, and you’re good to go. You never know when you are going to need a swimsuit on a trip to the mountains.

Mr. Worldwide, who?

Mr. Worldwide, who funny travel memes

Practice makes you perfect! And that also makes you Mr. Worldwide.

If you’re traveling with your family, make sure to forward these memes to your family group chat!

Going on trips with one’s family may be chaotic or simply too much fun. After all, families make memories better, and you are more likely to have a good time during family trips than you are any way around. Hence, you will have to make sure that you keep your family laughing and smiling all the way when you are all on your way to a family getaway or planning a trip somewhere. These funny travel memes are something you will not want to miss out on!

You just can’t avoid the noisy babies!

Babies in planes funny travel mems

Babies in planes just might be the loudest! There is no avoiding it.

Nothing delightful about spending money!

Nothing delightful about spending money Funny travel memes

Spending money is only as delightful as you make it. If it’s not delightful, then it very well isn’t!

Expectation Vs Reality!

Expectation Vs Reality! Funny travel memes

It’s always better when you picture yourself as one of those people some random person at the airport has a crush on. Your reality will, unfortunately, replace your expectations and you look like a mother of two who hasn’t slept for two nights!

No comfort here!

No comfort here! funny travel memes

You don’t really expect people to kick your seat but the same happens to you, you move a little, and you kick the seat of the person in front of you. It’s a loophole!

Going on group adventures? Well, these memes are for you!

Going on adventures with a group is always better. As they say, the more the merrier! There are so many reasons as to why you need to go on adventures in a group: one, you’re safer; two, you will always have people to make memories with; and three, you can all laugh together to these hilarious travel memes! If you are planning to travel somewhere, you must take a look at the memes below and make sure to share them with your traveling friends and partner as well!


Clingy funny travel memes

There is always a third wheel clinging around a couple during a holiday. Maybe you are the third wheel sometimes, or someone you know is!


funny travel memes culture

Well, Americans have something to learn, and that is, people from all around the world are as inclined towards their culture as they are to the American way of life!

Beginner’s journey

beginners journey funny travel memes 2023

Sometimes, a traveler is used to going on difficult trips but someone who is not very used to traveling isn’t. And, that makes them uncomfortable which in turn might not always be what creates the most fun in a trip.


airplane food expectation vs reality funny travel memes

Getting food in the plane is not always what you have pictured in your head. Sometimes it’s just some toasted bread and some beans. You can definitely find food outside the airport though! Or, once you land at the airport.

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