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How Much Does It Cost To Climb K2?

K2 is possibly one of the most dangerous mountains to climb in the world. It has been named the first most dangerous and deadly mountain and also is the second tallest peak in the world. There have been many expeditions of this mountain for several years, but in the minds of mountaineers also lies a question as to how much does it cost to climb K2. The price of the expedition is likely to be different based on how much is spent and what all facilities one purchases on his climb.

Hence, in this article, we have listed down everything that one may need to know about how much it cost to climb K2, the price breakdown, and more details about the costs associated with climbing K2. Stay tuned till the end of this article to know more!

How much does it cost to climb K2?

Climbing Routes Comparison

K2 expedition can range from $15,000 to $39,000 depending on one’s skills, capabilities, self-confidence, as well as his willingness to spend on the expedition. It is a fact that the more services and facilities one purchases in an expedition as dangerous as this one, he will be safer. Hence, he has to keep in mind to climb K2 with a well-planned budget of all the things he is going to be needing on the expedition. This includes oxygen, the fooding and lodging, clothing, gear, and equipment, security and rescue team, porters, Sherpas, guides, etc.

Similarly, an experienced mountaineer can expedite at a cost as low as $8000.

How much does it cost an experienced mountaineer to climb K2?

Female mountaineers who climbed K2 were believed to be cursed

The cost for climbing K2 is different from one person to another, and it all mostly depends on his experience and expertise in mountaineering. While a new mountaineer with relatively lesser experience in mountains as tall and dangerous as this one will need to spend more, an experienced mountaineer can possibly summit the mountain at $8000, the lowest it can get.

Some of the most crucial things one will be needing to climb K2 are the peak fee, environment fee, permit, and service fee. But needing $8000 does not mean that one should consider only taking that much or just a little more than that on this expedition. A rescue bond amounting to $10000 is often charged though it may not be used in the long run, and is refundable. One will have to cover additional expenses of the Liason Officer of the Pakistan Army, meals, housing, and flight.

Meals can cost you up to $1.50, and the more porters, guides, and help you take along, the more you will have to pay per meal. Hotels will charge around $14 per night. And a round-trip flight will cost around $2000 depending on the air traffic at the time of your visit.

Buying gear and equipment necessary for the trip will cost you around $10000, more or less, depending on what you already own and what you don’t.

How much does it cost to take guided tours to climb K2?

Guided tours to K2 will definitely cost higher than the expedition done without guides. Hence, it might cost one around $15,000-$70,000 depending on where he finds the guide and whether or not he chooses an expensive company to do so. Likewise, it is always a safer option to go for neither too expensive nor cheap guided tours of the mountain, as the former is too risky, and one just cannot only stress about his pockets while the latter is a bit too heavy on the pockets and one can survive with a cheaper option. Therefore, deciding to spend between $15000 to $70000 is possibly the best option if you want to take guided tours to climb K2.

If a mountaineer is new to climbing a mountain as high and dangerous as K2, he should consider taking only a guided expedition up to the summit. It is likely to cost one $60000-$70000 if he decides to take guided tours with the help of a renowned mountaineering agency. These agencies will provide mountaineers not just with reliable guides but also with internet access even at the base camp, high altitude porters, a good supply of oxygen cylinders, and sherpas as per necessity. Furthermore, these agencies will also ask you for a downpayment that you will need to pay before you start the expedition.

The downpayment is likely to be one-third of the total sum taken, and it also includes all the necessary requirements for accommodation and fooding. If you are one in mind to save money while also having a safe expedition, there are always mid-range guided tours that will likely cost you some good $30000. And, if you want to take the risk of going lower, you will pay $12000 to $15000 minus the benefits and reliability that you will get from costlier tours.

How to choose the cost to climb K2?

One should be able to come to a conclusion as to how much he should spend on a tour to one of the most dangerous places on Earth. This makes up for a wise decision. Hence, you will have to choose what cost you should or are willing to pay to climb K2. Keep in mind that the expedition is quite long and is likely to take from six to eight weeks to complete. Hence, you need to separate as much money as you can, even if you are not going to use it, take an example if choosing to go on a tour for around $30000, then you will have to carry some more thousand, and sometimes even double the amount you are willing to spend to avoid the risks associated with being on the mountain like K2.

You need to keep in mind the technical difficulties, the risks of avalanches, and other fatal reasons you need to escape. And a lot of these drawbacks can be avoided with the help of good guidance. Until and unless you are not an experienced mountaineer, the higher you spend, the better and safer it is!

Reservations and Payments for the K2 Expedition

On the way to Becoming the Youngest Person to Conquer K2

There are many things to keep in mind when you are expediting to K2 besides just the cost. You need to make reservations and extra payments beforehand prior to starting your expedition. One is not necessarily required to make deposits for provisional reservations. But, he has to inform the agency or the expedition company, with the help of which it is expediting 120 earlier.

Most of the agencies take a 50% deposit of the total amount required for the expedition around 60 days prior to the climb. Likewise, refunds and cancellations depend on the companies that you are approaching or taking services from. The rest of the amount needs to be paid as soon as you reach Pakistan.

Passport and Visa for K2 expedition

Pakistani authorities have been very strict on providing passports and visas for their tourists after 9/11. Around or above 15/3 para of information is expected from the tourists who are willing to apply for Pakistani visas successfully. Moreover, he should be aware of the regulations of Pakistani visa provisions. One can easily take the help of the expedition agency in getting a pass to the Pakistani visa.

Likewise, one should be able to prepare and make ready all the necessary papers and passport around 3 months before he makes his visit to Pakistan. It is not as easy to get a visa in this country due to a lot of reasons. Hence, recklessness in the process might lead to bad consequences.

What are the equipment and gears you should spend for the K2 expedition?

19-year-old Naperville’s Lucy Westlake Conquering K2 to Set New Record
19-year-old Naperville’s Lucy Westlake Conquering K2 to Set New Record

While climbing just any mountain, especially one as dangerous and tall as K2, is going to require you to carry the most important equipment and gear. Hence, we have listed some of the things you just cannot leave out on your expedition to K2.

You have to carry along some thermal socks, thermal pants, sweaters, windproof Sherpa jackets, extra layers of all the mentioned stuff, a cap, comfortable pairs of undergarments, gloves, and a worn yet reliable pair of mountaineering shoes. Pro-tip, do not wear socks or shoes that are going to cramp your feet. New shoes and socks often cramp and hurt your feet, but so is not the case when you wear loose socks and shoes. Therefore, you need to wear something more comfortable to your expedition to K2. Also, make sure that the shoes and socks you’re wearing are not as old and unreliable just to stay safe in the mountain. Instead, opt for wearing a new pair or shoes and socks and loosening it by wearing it for runs or climbs to shorter mountains before your actual expedition to K2.

Similarly, you also have to pay for gear and equipment like trekking poles, crampons, water bottles, a headlamp, an ice axe, a helmet, a sleeping bag, and a duffel to carry your stuff.

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