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Indian Teacher Suzanne Leopoldina Jesus Died On Everest 2023

Dream to be first Asian with a pacemaker to scale Mount Everest

In 2023, twelve climbers died on Everest, out of which nine climbers died in May alone. Although all the expeditions were operated in the peak season of Spring, the risk and dangers remained. This year’s mortality rate is an alarming signal to the mountaineering industry. Altogether 478 Climbing Permits were issued by NMA (Nepal Mountaineering Association) for Spring. This season, the highest number of permits was allowed to climb Everest in a year. But with more climbs, more death followed the way. Among them is Indian Teacher Suzanne Leopoldina Jesus, who died on May 18, 2023.

Know what happened to her and how did she die:

Indian Teacher Suzanne Leopoldina Jesus Lost Her Life on Everest | Twelfth Death This Year

Indian Woman Climber With Pacemaker Dies During Attempt To Scale Mt Everest

Suzanne Leopoldina Jesus dreamed of becoming the first Asian with a pacemaker to scale Mount Everest. But who could have thought she would lose her life in such an attempt? Initial reports claimed that she left Everest Base Camp ill though she had intended to climb it. However, she lost her life at Lukla, so many do not count it as the death that occurred on Everest.

Suzanne, who was 59 years old, hailed from India’s western Maharashtra state. She initiated her expedition in early May 2023 and reached Everest Base Camp. On May 18, she pushed her to climb from the base camp and reached 5800 meters above sea level. Though she started climbing, she already had health issues, reports cited. So she had to be forcibly airlifted to a hospital with concerns about her health issues. The Director of the Tourism Department of Nepal, Yuvraj Khatiwada, mentioned that Suzanne was told not to continue her expedition, as it could lead to her death. On top of that, she was highly unfit to climb through such high altitudes. Suzanne could not meet the basic requirements and speed of the acclimatization process and exercises, which became the prominent cause of her death.

The authorities stated that Suzanne was ignorant about the advice stating that she would continue the expedition because she already had paid for the climbing permit to Everest. ‘We had told her to abandon the climb five days ago, but she was committed to ascending Everest. We had to take her back to Lukla [nearby town] forcibly,’ cited the local press.

Though Suzanne was forcibly evacuated to Lukla Airport, she lost her life there. As per the reports gained, the Department of Tourism received a letter on her behalf stating that she was not fit to climb Mount Everest. This was because she took 5 hours to reach Crompton Point while the average time was around 15-20 minutes. Also, she took another 6 hours to reach the same point during the second attempt and 12 hours during the third time.

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The only thing Suzanne cared about was her determination to set a world record by becoming the oldest Indian to climb Mount Everest and by becoming the first Asian woman to summit Everest with a pacemaker. However, that never happened.

Suzanne reportedly had problems with her throat and found it challenging to swallow food. Following her death, she was immediately flown to Kathmandu at Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital, where her autopsy was done.

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